Colorado Fly Fishing Vacation

The mouth of the Rio Grande river originates in the mountains neighboring 4UR Ranch. Our private creek, Goose Creek, feeds into this mighty river at the end of our little valley.
For many, many years, the Valley that has recently facilitated horseback riding vacations for families, was known solely for it’s amazing fly fishing conditions. Goose Creek is quite unique; flowing from the Weminuche Wilderness, it passes through only two pieces of private property before reaching the Rio Grande: the 4UR Ranch and our neighbors upstream. On the neighboring property, a reservoir feeds the creek from the cool and pure waters at the bottom of their 80-foot dam. This makes Goose Creek one of only a few “private tailwaters” in America. We are very proud of how well we maintain our stream. Our ranch manager Aaron Christensen and head guide Andy Lee have taken great care to maintain the integrity of the stream through careful stewardship. Water temperature, flow, fish size and algae growth are some of the things that these two men monitor. Years of rigorous catch and release practices make for some surprisingly big, well-colored trout.

Horses in the Valley at 4UR Ranch

Horses in the Valley at 4UR Ranch

We have a very fun and fair lottery each night to determine who will fish where on the stream and when. We have broken up our approx. 7 miles of stream into 15 stations, each about 1/3 mile. Through our lottery system, each angler gets privacy and fresh water for himself, every day.

We want your Rocky Mountain vacation here at 4UR to be memorable for everyone in the family, not just Dad and his fishing rod. Sometimes Dad can drag out his teenage daughter for a few casts, and sometimes a teenage son is excited to learn about fly fishing. But even if fly fishing is not your primary interest, the 4UR ranch will keep you pleasantly occupied. How about a dip in the pool? Or maybe a soak in our natural hot springs, which have been drawing visitors since the early 1800’s. We have miles of trails to explore, trapshooting and lots of room to just let your mind unwind.

Welcome to 4UR ranch. Whether your here for big fish or big relaxation, you’ll catch it here.

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