The Goose Creek Marathon

Woman fishing on stream at 4UR Ranch

How many of you have seen those plaques on the wall of the 4UR Lodge that say “Goose Creek Marathon” and wondered what the heck is that? Well, it is a fun and incredibly exhausting way of being immortalized in the 4UR Ranch history. Beginning at Station #1, by the Rio Grande, anglers must prove their skills and athletic abilities by catching a fish at each of the #15 stations. Spanning from the Rio Grande to Fish Fry at Station #15! A whopping 7 miles of stream, and those who complete the marathon experience every inch.

With only a select few of our male guests ever having completed the Goose Creek Marathon, it is even more rare to find a fly fisherwoman capable of the challenge. In the entire history of 4UR Ranch only one has managed, Michele Camp is our only female guest to have successfully completed the marathon. With a time of 10 hours and 4 minutes, it would be great to see more women get their names up on that prestigious plaque in the 4UR lodge! 

The Record Setting Time

Goose Creek Marathon Record Setter in the stream holding a fish

Record setter Ben Sippola with a fish during The Goose Creek Marathon in 2012

The fastest time you’ll find on the board came from a fishing guide who had a slight competitive edge. He wasn’t only a fly fishing guide, but also a former professional soccer player. Needless to say running 7 miles of stream in waders, up the uneven canyon of 4UR Ranch was not near the challenge most endure. Ben Sippola completed the Goose Creek Marathon in 1 hour and 33 minutes, an hour faster than any other time on the board.

Man standing in the river releasing a trout on the stream

This summer you’ll recognize one of the names on the board as a new member of a guide team, Cutter Esson. Having completed the marathon in 2015, he is going to make an athletic and ambitious member of the team.

Is it really that hard?

Cutter showing off one of his Marathon trout in 2014.

Cutter showing off one of his Marathon trout in 2014.

Now, incase you are thinking it doesn’t seem THAT hard, here are some more of the details. First consider catching 15 fish in a couple of hours, now add the contributing factors of running 7 miles of stream in waders, having a steady enough hand to tie flies to your line and suddenly it doesn’t seem so easy. Few guests or staff have fly fished the entirety of Goose Creek, but if you think you are up for the challenge we can’t wait to see the results. If you start marathon training early you might even break Ben’s record!

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