Come Celebrate Creede’s 125th Birthday this weekend!

From Slab City to Established Town

308-CR-6c3 Jimtown Main Street May 23 1892_PhotoCourtesyCreedeHistoricalSociety

Founded in 1892 the town of Creede came to exist after Nicholas Creede struck a major silver vein along Willow Creek, 125 years late the town of Creede is gearing up for a big celebration. Historical accounts say that slab cities and tent towns popped up overnight as miners flooded in to work the Creede silver vein, shortly after all of these tent towns came together to form what we now call Creede.Creede_Downtown_PhotoByBobSeago

Just before the official founding of the town of Creede, William Palmer extended the rail line from Wagon Wheel Gap to the Willow Creek canyon above Creede. This allowed the silver to be exported from town at record speeds. As the silver boom came to a close the town of Creede established itself as a gateway to the San Juan Mountains, welcoming tourists and visitors from all over the country. In fact, Creede has records of tourists traveling to the area via the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad as early as 1883. This town is lucky enough to still be welcoming tourists and visitors 125 years later.

 125th Birthday, A Time to Celebrate


This weekend the town of Creede is celebrating! On the calendar we have a moustache competition, Donkey Dash, Burro Race, a live Honky Tonk, and many more activities scheduled for the Creede birthday celebration. Probably the most anticipated event is the Burro Race, an event that draws participants from all over the nation. This race consists of running, pulling, pushing and dragging your burro around a 10-mile loop. And in true Creede fashion, this course goes straight up the mountain and comes straight back down Bachelor’s Loop.

This weekend in Creede you’ll also find a pie eating contest, corn hole, three-legged races and a birthday cake cutting. With Creede’s actual birthday being on June 17th, you’ll continue to find activities and celebrations throughout the week. The local hardware store, Tomkin’s Hardware is hosting Barbeques throughout the week and on June 17th the Creede Chamber of Commerce is cutting the ribbon to a actual replica of the town of Creede 125 years ago.

We are incredibly fortunate to live in a town that is so rich with history and has been around longer than most. If you are in the area this weekend head to downtown Creede and celebrate the 125th Birthday of our neat town!!

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