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Where does the 4UR Get its Ingredients?

September 15th, 2017 by 4ur ranch

Fresh Beets

Fresh Beets

         At the 4UR, something we take a great deal of pride in is our food and the ingredients that go into it. Chef Blake Bond has taken special attention in developing his menu, especially in regards to utilizing the resources in the local San Luis Valley. In the recent years our local farming community is experiencing a change, they’re getting

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Affordable Dude Ranch Vacations

June 14th, 2013 by Katie Pate

Are looking to take your family on the vacation of a lifetime this summer – but the budget is tight? We may have a solution for you.

Two weeks this summer, we will offer two-for-one prices. The first week, August 10 – 17, bring two children age nine and under to 4UR Ranch and only pay for one. Bring four children and only pay for two! You get the idea.

The second week, August 31- September 7, adults are two-for-one. Maybe you have two children in college but can’t afford to take them both on a trip this summer – now you can! Or perhaps you want to take a trip with a friend or neighbor that has a limited or fixed budget – we want to try and give everyone a chance to visit our guest ranch in Colorado.

Fish won't be coming two for one during our discount weeks, unfortunately!

Fish won’t be coming two for one during our discount weeks, unfortunately!

If you have a large family, these weeks are a great opportunity to try and get as many of you together as possible. Can you imagine the magnificent family reunion possible in our beautiful and pristine Colorado wilderness? Enjoy delicious meals, lounging by the pool, horseback riding and of course our famous fly fishing.

Couples, come together for the price of an individual! Have a romantic week unlike anything you’ve experienced before. While 4UR Ranch is a family-friendly environment, more than that – we are simply friendly. Meet new people of all ages and backgrounds. Chat with other couples in our lodge bar and get a couple’s massage. Take in the nationally acclaimed productions at the Creede Repertory Theater after a delicious and gourmet meal at the ranch.

We hope that by offering these discount weeks, new guests will come and fall in love with our little valley, the way we all do after a couple nights here. Perhaps the large or extended family that has put off a dude ranch vacation because of cost will take advantage this year. Simply contact our front desk 719.658.2202 for more information and availability.


4UR Ranch’s Little Medicine Spa Now Open

July 1st, 2012 by jenn

Guests and staff alike at 4UR are very excited about our new “Little Medicine Spa.” We’ve completely remodeled and expanded our existing facility and it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s so much more space now. The broad wooden deck around the pool is a great place to bask after a swim and the outdoor fireplace is an inviting place to gather in the evenings. Another exciting change: the Mexican Fiesta Cookout poolside is now covered. Rain or shine, guests have a choice of eating another great gourmet meal under the open sky or protected by the covered porch.

New Workout Room at 4UR

New Workout Room at 4UR Colorado dude ranch

More Space Inside, Including A New Workout Room
Inside the new building, everyone appreciates the larger space with its bigger changing areas plus room to stretch or do yoga. The workout room is completely new and we all love it! We’ve got the latest exercise equipment available for guest use in an open and inviting space. If you’re used to having

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Vacation With or Without Kids

May 1st, 2012 by Gail

There are two types of vacations: those with children, and those without children. At 4UR all-inclusive Colorado Guest Ranch, you can have either type.

kids at 4UR family dude ranch

Kids at 4UR.

During most of the season, it’s true, we are a Family Vacation Ranch. Children love to come here and go horseback riding, swimming, and hiking. They enjoy art and craft programs, nature explorations, and cookouts. While here, kids have lots of time to explore and spend time with other children (in both structured and unstructured activities), and lots of time to explore and spend time with their parents.

4ur kids program in horseback riding, fishing, nature programs

Kids at 4UR.

We still have space available during our TWO FOR ONE KID’S SPECIAL, June 9-16, 2012. If you bring two children aged 9 and under to our Family Dude Ranch that week, you’ll only pay for one of them.

Of course, some folks like to vacation without children. These are parents who need a break, parents whose kids are grown, and folks who aren’t parents at all. They enjoy sitting by the pool with a Corona in hand, without danger of being splashed by frolicking children. They like to linger over dinner and conversation, without worrying about getting the kids to bed.

Adults only weeks at 4UR all-inclusive Colorado guest ranch.

Adults only at 4UR.

If that sounds like you, please consider our ADULTS-ONLY WEEKS, August 18-25 and August 25-September 1, 2012. We still have a couple of spaces available.

Adults only weeks at 4UR Colorado Fly-fishing ranch

Just for adults.


Our Colorado Guest Ranch is a great place for families and a wonderful place for adults. Horseback riding, fly-fishing, and delicious food are appreciated by everyone, no matter your age.



New Place to Stay Cool

February 17th, 2012 by Gail

It was going to be a secret, but you know how hard it is to keep a secret for months on end.

So, here it is: we’re updating the pool complex at our Colorado Guest Ranch. Yippee!

It was time. This is very exciting for us, as we’re sure it will be to anyone planning a Colorado Family Vacation at 4UR next summer (and summers to come).

New spa at 4UR Colorado Family Guest Ranch.


Updated hot springs at our Creede, Co Dude Ranch.

New pool house and spa at Colorado Family Guest Ranch.

Guest Ranch Sparks Romance

January 30th, 2012 by Gail

It’s almost February, which means Valentine’s Day is close at hand. Romance is in the air.

Romance at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch

Sometimes romance blossoms at our Colorado Guest Ranch. We think the glorious sunsets have something to do with it.

We’ve had more than one romance blossom at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch over the years. There seems to be something about this place that helps love take root and grow. It could be the radiant sunsets. It could be the clean, fragrant air. It could be the warm ambiance of the lodge, or then again, the incredibly satisfying food. Maybe it’s simply that 4UR brings people together.

We don’t really know why 4UR sparks romance. In truth, we don’t even know that it does. It could just be a coincidence. Still, we smile each time we hear of an engagement.

Over the holidays, we heard of several engagements. Kate the wrangler and Tobe the ranch hand got engaged over Christmas, as did Ashley Robinson and Robbie Farmer from the summer of 2007. And staff aren’t the only ones who fall in love at 4UR: two couples from Texas who’ve stayed at this Colorado Fishing and Dude Ranch recently announced their engagements.

Yes, love is in the air. Breathe deeply.


Let the Hiring Begin!

January 12th, 2012 by Gail

Each January we start the process of selecting the seasonal staff for our Colorado Guest Ranch. This is always a big task, and an interesting one.

Have the experience of a lifetime. Work at 4UR.

We always have a handful of returning staff (it could be the atmosphere that entices them to return, or it could be the food). Some folks are interested in the same job they had last season; for example, wranglers often return as wranglers. Other folks return to a different job; a housekeeper might be a Kids’ Counselor the following year.

It can be non-stop at our Colorado Family Dude Ranch in the height of the season. Our staff need to be hard workers with a good attitude. But just as we work hard, we play hard. Staff take advantage of free time to hike, fish, ride, and more.

We’re told by our staff that working here allows them to meet many interesting people they would not otherwise have met, both staff and guests. They make long-lasting friendships. They try new things. And more than one staff member has met their future spouse here!

If you’re interested in working at 4UR this summer, contact us soon.




Family Fun on July 4th at our Colorado Guest Ranch

June 30th, 2009 by 4ur admin

We sure are looking forward to having some good Old Fashioned Fun on the Fourth of July. In our opinion, there is no better place to be to have memorable, good times with our families.

Apple Bob

Apple Bob

Family Guest Ranch Welcomes Old Friends and New

June 24th, 2009 by 4ur admin

We look forward to filling our Colorado guest lodge with people

We look forward to filling our Colorado guest lodge with people

Opening week has been an interesting one due to weather. Several cold windy days left everyone feeling like summer had played a trick upon us, bringing a few warm days and then running away. The cold nights may be good for sleeping, but they are keeping many of the ranch flowers at bay. Still, summer is bound to be here soon.

Our new staff is settling in and enjoying all the ranch has to offer, but also working hard. It is a challenge to take a group of new young people and open with our family guest ranch running like a well oiled machine; we have to work through our kinks. Everyone is learning quickly, however, and we make sure to keep in good spirits.

We usually welcome a large family from Texas each year during our first week, and this year they brought three sets of newlyweds. It was fun to meet the new additions to the 4UR Family, and show them all that our Colorado guest ranch has to offer.

One thing we offer is wildlife. Given our location in Goose Creek Valley, deep in the San Juan Mountains, it is not uncommon to spot bears – and this spring we have had several run-ins with a young bear. He has taken up residence next to the dumpster, which happens to be near Aaron’s house, and has been spotted several times. He will probably end up being quite a nuisance…

Family Dude Ranch Is Open For The Season

June 16th, 2009 by 4ur admin

family fun

family fun

The past weeks have been devoted to preparation: mending fences and giving our guest ranch its annual spring face-lift. We came out of winter hibernation and invited members of our greater community to come to the ranch and celebrate a new season. Now we have opened our doors to our guests.

We are really excited to welcome people to the ranch this year, especially families. We love living on the ranch and raising our kids here, even part of the time. They thrive on the fresh air and sunshine, and they are challenged by their experiences: the first horseback ride, lead by an adult; the first solo ride; their first time out on the trail; their first fish. They will remember their time on this Colorado Guest Ranch, and so will your kids. Days are full, and evenings afford relaxing and fun times to gather around a fire pit, roast marshmallows and swap tales.

We look forward to seeing you out at our family dude ranch this summer.