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A Snowy Holiday Weekend at the 4UR Ranch!

December 17th, 2015 by 4ur ranch

Smiling Brady Gibbons takes young son on Colorado snowmobile adventure!

Brady Gibbons takes son on snowmobile adventure in Colorado

Thanksgiving brought us about 10 inches of fresh powder, and it just keeps coming! It has been a gorgeous holiday season and we’ve taken full advantage of it. Brady and Damon rigged up the snowmobile with 3 sledding tubes and pulled the 4 Gibbons’ kids around the hills, much to their delight. (The children enjoyed it too!)

Gibbons kids LOVE the snow!

The cross-country skiing has been sensational. Wildflower Mesa and Breakfast Ride have about 2 feet of snow along the trees and a gorgeous view out to Ute Peak. The trails we usually use for horseback riding and hiking are covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow. What a blast it is to cruise through the trees on a pair of skis.

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Winter Wonderland at the Ranch – Sledding, holidays and more…

January 14th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

Sledding at the Guest Ranch

Sledding at the Guest Ranch

Christmas is filled with magic, and living at the 4UR Ranch is a reminder of just that.  We wake up in the morning to a fresh blanket of snow, and a typical weekend for us who reside here unfolds. Playing in the snow – snowshoeing, sledding down the “Mine hill” by Soda Creek, cutting our Christmas trees, skiing at Wolf Creek Ski Resort, building a snowman, skating on the pond, and to finish things off, soaking in the soothing waters of the Soda Creek hot spring.

Pete and Lindsey Leavell came for Christmas with their family: Brian Leavell, Jay, Jenny, Audrey and Walker Smith. Their arrival is when the magic really sparked. There was feasting and singing, tree trimming and decorating, skating and skiing, snowshoeing, and best of all, sledding!

Sledding at the Guest Ranch

Kate and her pup take on “Mine Hill”

The Leavell’s have an “in” with Santa, and knew that the Christensens, Broffts, and Gibbons were all in need of sleds. By Christmas afternoon, we were all out on the Mine hill, gleefully screaming and beaming as we shot past each other. Kate Brofft’s ranch dog joined in, too!

We were able to catch Nemonie on video as she dared the mine hill, at just a year old!  We spent all afternoon on that hill, well past sunset, and slept well that night, with visions of sugar plum shaped sleds dancing in our heads.


We hope your Holiday Season was filled with as much joy as ours,
The 4UR Family

Double Decking Sledding at the Guest Ranch

Double Decking Sledding

FYI: The Leavells have been sledding down these hills for decades. The sleds they purchased are what they have tested to be the best by far. You can purchase one at LLBean:|sled-SR0&page=sonic-snow-tube-extra-large

. . . And speaking of joy . . .

A few of us rang in the New Year at the Tommyknocker Tavern, a favorite haunt of Creede locals and the 4UR Staff. There was live music, dancing, and 2014 started with the traditional Midnight Lantern Glow right outside of the Tommyknocker. The night sky was filled with these beautiful lights that could be seen from all over town. The lanterns were provided courtesy of  local “All Good Things” shop owner, Jenna Ford.

Wish Lanterns at Tommyknocker Tavern in Creede, CO

Sending off the New Year’s Eve Wish Lanterns from Tommyknocker Tavern in Creede, CO

Wish Lanterns at Tommyknocker Tavern in Creede, CO

Lighting the lantern

Wish Lanterns at Tommyknocker Tavern in Creede, CO

Make a wish…