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A Visit from the Equine Dentist at 4UR Ranch

October 12th, 2016 by 4ur ranch

Equine Dentist Walck has a horse in stall, head is being held up by pulley as he sedates the horse.

Dentist Troy Walck getting ready to examine Cochise.

At 4UR Ranch we just wrapped up our season with an annual visit from CEqD Troy Walck, an experienced Equine Dentist. Having an equine dentist come each year to work on the horses is something that plays into our values as a guest ranch. While the horses visit the vet very often the work of a horse dentist is vital to keeping the 4UR herd healthy and happy.

You wouldn’t expect it but having bad teeth can lead to poor performance while out for a trail ride. Have you ever ridden a horse that refused to turn left? Sometimes the fix is as simple as smoothing out their teeth so they aren’t in pain each time you signal a left turn. Head Wrangler Damon Gibbons noticed a significant drop in the amount of negative behavior in the horses after the first few visits by CEqD Walck. For the wranglers to give each guest helpful and constructive horseback instruction the horses have to be in the best shape possible. Having Dr. Troy come out, gives the 4UR Ranch that edge.

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Meet the Horses at our Colorado Dude Ranch

February 11th, 2011 by 4ur admin

The horses at our Family Dude Ranch in Creede Colorado are patiently awaiting the arrival of spring. For them, spring means fresh grass and the advent of summer. Summer means parents and children and hours on the trail and in the ring.

All of the horses (and two mules) at our Colorado Dude Ranch are shown below, introduced by our head wrangler Damon Gibbons. The video was shot on a glorious winter day, cold and crisp and clear.

Click on the link for a virtual tour of our horse herd.

Horse lineup

Colorado Dude Ranch

April 8th, 2009 by 4ur admin

Skilled wranglers at our Colorado dude ranch

Skilled wranglers at our Colorado dude ranch

The smell of dust and clean earth in your nose. The warm nuzzle of a velvety horse nose against your arm and the sun on your back. Welcome back to nature; welcome back to the wild at 4UR Ranch, one of the most unique locations in North America for Dude Ranch Vacations.

Not only will you ride through our 4000 acre ranch in the Goose Creek Valley of Southwestern Colorado during unforgettable trail rides, but you will also be learning about Horsemanship and the nature of a horse with our head wrangler Damon Gibbons.

Don’t just jump on the back of an animal for an hour and trot along without really knowing what you are doing. Become part of your dude ranch experience! We will teach you how to interact with your horse: how to mount him or her correctly, how to check the cinch on your saddle and the basics to feel confident on your trusty steed!

4UR Ranch also offers a great kids equestrian program, which helps to make us a premier family Dude ranch.

For all of you that have had a vision of yourself on horseback, galloping through an open field in the crisp beauty of the West, we can make that happen for you!

With our location in the San Juan Mountains at the headwaters of the Rio Grande, we have a riding experience for both old and young, expert and beginner. Our Horsemanship and Horseback riding programs are just one of many reasons to make 4UR Ranch the destination of your family ranch vacation.