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Cross-Country Ski Clinic at the 4UR

March 15th, 2016 by 4ur ranch

lone skier on groomed path in front of old fluorspar millWinter is already melting away  at the 4UR, here is a look back at a cross-country ski event, one of the many fun pastimes from early 2016!

On Sunday January 10th, The Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust (RiGHT) partnered with the San Juan Nordic Club held a Cross-Country Ski Clinic at the 4UR. They came out the day before the clinic to groom about a 1 1&2 mile ski trail around the barn and closest pastures.

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Love at the 4UR

February 17th, 2016 by 4ur ranch

Over the years, the 4UR has witnessed several couples emerge from our summer staff. We know of seventeen couples who have married or are in a serious relationship, and we’re sure there are more that have missed our radar. One may look for employment at the 4UR for a fun summer experience, which oftentimes leads to meeting your best friends, and sometimes your true love. While we are not suggesting we are better than a dating service, here are a few the love stories which blossomed here at the 4UR:

Kyle and Kate Michaels

Kyle and I met on the 4UR Ranch during the summer of 2004, when he signed on as a ranch hand and I as a housekeeper. We both were looking for a summer that consisted of making new friends, hiking, working hard, and enjoying all of the incredible outdoor opportunities that the ranch has to offer. Little did we know, a friendship that started during Ping-Pong games, hikes, fence-building, meals in the EDR (employee dining room), bonfires and barn dances would develop into a love that would endure for 12 years (and counting). We were married in an open park overlooking station 10 on June 4th, 2007. We now have two amazing daughters, Ruby Mae (3) and Ella Jane (1 month). We feel so blessed to have found one another (who would of thought that a PNW girl from Oregon and a country boy from West Texas could make it work?!), and to call Creede our home. I work as a RN (Creede Family Practice) and Tobacco Prevention Coordinator (Mineral Co. Public Health), and Kyle is assisting with all of the exciting renovations at La Garita Ranch, across from the 4UR.

bride smiles as groom looks at herin the middle a black and white of two daughters on right happy couple with newborn

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A Snowy Holiday Weekend at the 4UR Ranch!

December 17th, 2015 by 4ur ranch

Smiling Brady Gibbons takes young son on Colorado snowmobile adventure!

Brady Gibbons takes son on snowmobile adventure in Colorado

Thanksgiving brought us about 10 inches of fresh powder, and it just keeps coming! It has been a gorgeous holiday season and we’ve taken full advantage of it. Brady and Damon rigged up the snowmobile with 3 sledding tubes and pulled the 4 Gibbons’ kids around the hills, much to their delight. (The children enjoyed it too!)

Gibbons kids LOVE the snow!

The cross-country skiing has been sensational. Wildflower Mesa and Breakfast Ride have about 2 feet of snow along the trees and a gorgeous view out to Ute Peak. The trails we usually use for horseback riding and hiking are covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow. What a blast it is to cruise through the trees on a pair of skis.

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Season: Summer to Fall at the 4UR Ranch

September 24th, 2015 by 4ur ranch

guest ranch patio is lit by evening sun in foreground as parents wave to children passing by on hay wagon in background

Guests see children off from the new deck as they continue on to the last hayride and kid’s cookout of the season.

close up of top of a citronella candle with fire pit burning in background

The new patio features a large fire pit, great for enjoying an evening cocktail or early morning cup of coffee.

The 4UR Ranch has had an amazing summer season, and we’re all looking forward to a fantastic fall! As I write this blog, I can hear laughter through my open windows as the final week of our Children’s Program is winding down and the kids are enjoying their last “hurrahs” before heading back to school. The summer season has been busy, and it almost seems impossible that it could be  ending as quickly as it came upon us. It was a season packed with new experiences and friendships as many of our guests took advantage our  Hiking Program , and an evening cocktail on the new deck area located just off of Maude’s Bar (a favorite).

group sit on open deck with wine and blazing fire pit

Group of artists enjoy an evening sunset and cocktail before dinner.

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4UR Ranch Remodels This Winter

December 22nd, 2014 by 4ur ranch

This winter, the 4UR Ranch is remodeling and building to continue to bring you excellent service.

All remodels and construction are the combined efforts of Creede America and Vineyard Construction.

Main Lodge Remodel

When you arrive at the Ranch this summer, you will notice the first remodel as you arrive and check in. We have expanded our reception area and rearranged our offices to better serve your needs during your stay.  The result is a more open, friendly atmosphere to greet you, while still keeping the same 4UR charm.
Maude’s bar will have a new, larger deck with more outside seating, and a fire pit to enjoy the cool Colorado nights while having an after dinner cocktail with friends.

bead bord and wood walls with large open reception area at colorado guest ranch

New Reception Area (as you walk in front door of Lodge)

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4UR Garden Update

July 30th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

row of harvested vcarrots golden beets and striped beets

We wanted to give you an update on the progress of our 4UR garden!

Each day on my walk to the lodge, I walk past the garden and am amazed at the noticeable progression of the plants and herbs growing along the south side of the old bathhouse. Every morning, evening and many times throughout the day, I witness chef Wray Warner riding his bike from the lodge to the garden to make sure the temperature is right, soil is moist, plants are happy. (Yes, he has admitted that he talks to his tomatoes, and I can tell you, the encouragement has produced many little red gems!) This has truly become a project of love for our chef, and the fruit of the labor is incredibly tasty!

tomato plants reach to over five feet inside ranch greenhouse

tomatoes grow to great heights inside our greenhouse

a zucchini blossom in the 4UR garden, next to yellow squash

a zucchini blossom in the 4UR garden, next to yellow squash

a raised bed full of cauliflower, arugula, kale, chard, spinach, and many salad and micro greens

a raised bed full of cauliflower, arugula, kale, chard, spinach, and many salad and micro greens









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The Hatch On the Stream

July 11th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

The summertime buzz around the 4UR Ranch has been the incredible hatch of various flies we are experiencing along Goose Creek and the Rio Grande River. To give you just a glimpse of the incredible fishing we have had due to these little guys, we’ll introduce you to a few that have been out in full force in late June/early July:


a salmonfly crawls up a willow branch on fly fishing guest ranchSalmonfly

It started in mid-June with the hatch of stonefly known as the Salmonfly. Western anglers love salmonflies because of their larger size – every fish in the river will go for this big source of protein. It is the biggest hatch, as far as the size of the bug, you will see all summer. Adults arrive at the onset of summer, when fishing is most pleasant. The Salmon nymphs hatch from the Rio Grande River and then fly up river to lay eggs. This year, many have found their way up Goose Creek, and have been seen as far as station ten.

green drake mayfly spreads its wings on a half bitten leaf




Green Drake

A type of mayfly, the Green Drake (Ephemera guttulata) is currently a bountiful hatch along Goose Creek. This hatch has the ability to lure huge piscivorous brown trout to eat insects at the water’s surface. It is said that the Green Drake hatch “is as irresistible and habit-forming as black jack, whiskey, or easy women.” – Caucci and Nastasi from their book, Hatches II.

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Palmer House Remodel

June 9th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

palmer house tv area with original fireplacePalmer House, a historic building at the 4UR Ranch, has a new look! The remodel of the building, taken on by Avery Auger of Creede America, started late winter/early spring.  When walking into Palmer House, you will now experience a light, open and airy feel. The building still has a lot of the same beautiful historic qualities that were there before, such as the rock chimney and fireplace, bead board and lofted ceilings, but now they are enhanced and highlighted.

Avery Auger of Creede America  put his wisdom into the start of this project, and worked closely with the Ranch, keeping with the ‘feel’ of the historic buildings populating the grounds. Avery strives to do just this in all his design work throughout Creede, grabbing inspiration from the historic “funky old shacks” and miner cabins, as well as the mining structures themselves. Avery is able to capture the uniqueness of these structures and use an evolution in design to bring a modern day beauty, comfort and touch to his architecture.

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Stephen Quiller Painting Workshops at the 4UR

May 28th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

We are very fortunate to have Stephen Quiller painting at the 4UR Ranch during two workshops this season!

close facial portrait of Stephen Quiller in a hat


Because . . .

Stephen Quiller is an award – winning, internationally recognized Master Watercolorist with an incredible gift for teaching.

And . . .

The 4UR Ranch is a living work of art, inviting the artist to capture its beauty with every turn of the head.

We think . . .

Together they are a perfect combination for a week – long Artist’s Workshop alongside Goose Creek under the Cottonwoods.


Every spring since 2012, we’ve been fortunate to host Stephen’s painting workshops at the 4UR. They have opened our season, just as the Aspens began to leaf out and the wildflowers began to bloom.

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Going GREENhouse – Garden to Table at the 4UR Ranch

May 6th, 2014 by 4ur ranch

colorado ranch greenhouse and raised bed garden Having a Greenhouse and garden is a much-loved pastime for many people. It is not just the bounty of the harvest that is pleasing, but the contact with the soil, the fresh air, and decompressing as you methodically pull weeds.

When you arrive at the 4UR Ranch this summer, you will see much activity around the south side of the old historic bathhouse. Last month, we built a greenhouse and raised beds to produce our own fruit, vegetables and herbs to be used in dishes prepared by our Executive Chef, Wray Warner.

Since Wray, his wife Sarah, and son Graham arrived last week, the flurry around the greenhouse has greatly increased. Wray has been busy tilling, planting, watering, covering and uncovering the fragile little plants that are starting to sprout. A lot of tender loving care is going into this garden. Part of the constant maintenance is due to the elevation of the Ranch, close to 8800 feet. Our growing season is short because of the late departure and early arrival of frost, and evening temperatures that can drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit in late spring and late summer. The sun and wind is very intense at this altitude, so the temperature in the greenhouse must be regulated several times throughout the day, to make sure it is not too hot, and the plants don’t become scorched and crispy! Despite the learning curve we face this year, expect a delicious, tasty, homegrown experience this summer!

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