Meet Us:

The 4UR Ranch Owners and Staff

Aaron and Robin Christensen, Ranch Managers at 4UR Ranch.

Aaron and Robin began their adventure at the 4UR Ranch with the 1999 season, each bringing a unique set of management skills. Their mission is to ensure that our guests have a remarkable vacation experience, with all wishes anticipated in advance, and to oversee a staff second to none in the hospitality field. Aaron and Robin have four lively youngsters, Cole, Kylee, Luke, and Laci, who are active in every type of sport, especially Little Britches Rodeo, and 4-H. You will often see the Christensen clan at the ranch arena, honing their rodeo skills.

Wray Warner, Executive Chef.

Wray’s superb cuisine has graced the tables of some of the finest resorts in North America, from the Lake Placid Lodge in New York to the Four Seasons in Jackson, Wyoming. Here at the 4UR Ranch, Wray puts his amazing culinary skills to work in magical ways to make sure the dining experience and wine list are unsurpassed in every way. Wray met his wife, Sarah, here at the ranch (she was a wrangler). Normally she “holds down the fort” in North Carolina, where they live in the off season.  However, with the addition of Graham Stevens Warner in November 2012, Sarah and Graham will now be joining Wray at the ranch for the season.

Damon Gibbons, Head Wrangler.

Damon has been with the 4UR Ranch since 2000 and oversees our Natural Horsemanship Program. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or experienced rider, Damon and his staff will see to it that you have a remarkable time in the saddle.

Damon and his wife, Kiera, make their home on the ranch. Kiera is an artist by trade and works from home as a graphic designer.

Their family has grown with the addition of their sweet baby girls:  Adelaide Rose (2010) and Nemonie Grace (2012).

Kate & Toby BrofftTOBE BROFFT, Ranch Foreman, & KATE BROFFT, Senior Wrangler.

Tobe came to the 4UR as a ranch hand in 2010.  You might see him in the ranch shop, on a mower, at the shooting range, building fence – Tobe’s our handyman.  Tobe and Kate met at the ranch in 2010, when Kate returned to the ranch for her third season as a wrangler.  Tobe is a Texas boy and Kate hails from California.  They were married at Station #10 on August 11, 2012.  You’ll see Kate working in and around the barn in wrangler mode – she does love her horses.  The Broffts like to spend their free time riding their horses, fishing, shooting, and hiking with their dogs.

Kathy Adelman, Office Manager.

Kathy is considered the “ranch mom” by our seasonal staff and is quite likely the first person you will talk to when calling or visiting us. She applies her years of know-how to the front desk and office areas. Jimmy, Kathy’s husband, guides trips to our alpine lost lakes, where you will no doubt catch fish, not to mention be entertained with Creede and area history and trivia.  Kathy and Jimmy have two grown sons.  Cody and Leah Chambers (former 4UR staffer) have been in a relationship since 2010, and  Casey and Joni Franchini  (also former 4UR staffer!) were married in 2010 and now have a daughter, Shelby Leone, who arrived in February 2012.

Pete and Lindsey Leavell, and Mary Lee (Leavell) Pinkerton, Owners.

The 4UR Ranch has been in the Leavell family for 40 years, during which time they have taken great pride in their stewardship of this magical valley. Now, with four generations growing up and all doing their part, the Leavells hope to be welcoming guests for years to come!