Read Quotes and Testimonials from Satisfied Dude Ranch Guests

“With the beauty that surrounds you and the staff that befriends you, living at the ranch is paradise. I respect the people I work with and the people I work for. The job is demanding but the rewards are sweet.”
~Elizabeth, Mobile, Alabama

“The 4ur experience is like no other. An amazing staff, a breath-taking environment and fulfilling work are all things that make this place truly unforgettable. Anyone who has the opportunity to work at this magical place should take full advantage. It promises the best summer of your life.”
~Sarah, Charlotte, North Carolina

“My work experience at the 4ur ranch has been nothing short of amazing. Right off the bat you are welcomed with open arms into its large family and any initial worries are immediately thrown out the door. While the work responsibilities are often challenging, they are also quite rewarding. Everyone is required to work together and usually deep lasting relationships are born. If you have an interest in the outdoors and are looking for a western experience while being challenged at the workplace, then a position at the 4UR ranch is the place for you.”
~William, Cleveland, Ohio

“We work hard and put our hours in while enjoying the spectacular place that for a summer we call home…With a great staff we call friends. I couldn’t think of a better summer job.” ~Tavis, Durango, Colorado

“The most amazing thing is the closeness that develops between staff members. Everyone has to work together for the ranch to function properly. This provides opportunities to learn new skills, develop independence and gain leadership abilities. However, the ranch isn’t all work and no play. You experience all of the activities the Ranch and the Rocky Mountains have to offer.”
~Seth, Manhattan, Kansas

“Work hard, play hard!”
~Sarah, Alamosa, Colorado

“the 4UR Ranch experience proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet many awesome and exciting people. I also learned a lot about myself. It is definitely not a regular job.” ~Apryl, Las Vegas, Nevada

“the 4UR is incredible! the memories i have from this past summer make me smile every time i think of them. The work requires a lot of energy and dedication, but the payoff is huge. I made lots of friends from all over the country who i will never forget.”
~Lindsay, Meaford, Ontario.