Almost Winter at the Family Dude Ranch

There are a lot of important things that transpire at the Guest Ranch even when the guests are away. Some of the important things we are working on include replacing mattresses in the guest rooms and staff lodging, as well as stocking up on feed for the horses. The kitchen is also getting new flooring and a new paint job. We are trying to take care of as many outdoor chores as possible before the snow and colder temperatures chase us into the shop for the cold months. Maintaining the road and cutting firewood for this winter are keeping us as busy as the horseback riding vacations do in the summer!

Fat & Happy 4UR Horses

Fat & Happy 4UR Horses

We have had a really warm fall, beautiful days and cold clear nights. Aaron and Damon just turned the horse herd into their winter pasture yesterday. As they sprinted by us bucking and bolting, Damon said they looked as good as they felt – fat and happy.

Kiera and Damon were on vacation recently. They took a Wagon Train trip through Canyon de Chelly which they organized. It sounded fantastic. You will definitely see them on your rocky mountain vacation at 4UR, Damon is our head wrangler and Kiera is his lovely wife. They will also be visiting California this month – a great time of year to take a trip to the sunshine state and escape chilly Southern Colorado!

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