The 4UR Ranch has four Adirondack style cottages, with wide graceful porches and stunning views. Rooms can be arranged to accommodate families, couples, or singles in a comfortable and luxurious manner.  Moreover, all of our cabins are centrally located around the lodge so everything from the barn to the hot springs spa is just a short walk away.

This beautiful and historic resort was designed in the late 1880s as a luxury retreat to rival the leading health spas of Europe. Today, many of the original buildings remain, renovated and refreshed, providing our guests and their families gracious and inviting accommodations. To pay homage to the rich past of the area, cottages have been given names reflecting the silver mining past of Mineral County.


Guest Cottages, click to view larger images.

The Commodore  – This cabin has 6 large guests rooms and a long porch overlooking the Goose Creek Valley. A favorite of guests, it has two private end porches, one with an unobstructed view of the entire valley and the other a secluded porch tucked behind beautiful willows with a small bridge over Pierce Creek.

The Amethyst – The Amethyst is perfect for families with active children who enjoy close proximity to the swimming pool and Lodge. This cottage is the only one remaining that retained the original covered porch with half-wall which has become a favorite place families to gather before dinner.

The Holy Moses – A short walk along Pierce Creek to the Holy Moses cabin brings our guests to the perfect cottage for those who prefer a quiet porch overlooking the great lawn to the beautiful Ute Peak and mountains in the distance.

The Molly Ess – The newest member of our guest cabins, this 3 bedroom cottage was designed by Creede America Group of Colorado and was completed for the 2016 season. It has a fully accessible ADA guest room, and each room has a screened-in private porch. The lovely shared front porch overlooks Pierce Creek, the great lawn, and the surrounding mountains. Just a short walk along Pierce Creek from the main lodge, it is the most secluded of our guest cabins.  Furthermore, this cabin is equipped with free Wi-Fi in each of the rooms.

Amenities Provided:

4UR Ranch in Creede CO

  • In our rooms guests will find robes, shampoo, cream rinse, and hairdryer as well as a safe, umbrella, flashlight, ironing board and iron. A guest laundry facility is located at the Little Medicine Spa, however we’ll be happy to help with your laundry during the week, should the need arise.
  • Three gourmet meals a day (including non-alcoholic beverages), picnic baskets upon request, coffee delivered to your room in the morning, and ice delivered to your room in the afternoon.
  • The ranch has good fiber optic internet service, and Wi-Fi around most areas of the ranch compound.  However, at present we do not have cell service. Also, please note that rooms do not have telephones or televisions. There is a large screen television in the game room, and telephone landlines for guest use are located in the Lodge at no charge.
  • If you choose to bring a personal device for business, music, or entertainment, please bring earbuds or headphones. Out of respect for other guests, and to enjoy the quiet of the mountains, we don’t allow portable speakers, speaker phones, and or sound amplification in public areas.