Yoga at the 4UR Ranch

Yoga is offered at the 4UR Ranch twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:00am. Sessions are located poolside at the Little Medicine spa area. If weather is inclement, yoga is moved to the Palmer House recreation hall.

Sessions are for one hour and are intended to welcome the beginner, and still create a nice, challenging movement for the avid yogi. Our Yoga instructor is able to modify classes to include prenatal guests, as well as those who have had recent health decline, injury or surgery. Mats and props are provided.

On occasion, depending on weather and the size of the class, we will offer water yoga in the pool to our guests. If a water session is offered during your stay, bring your swimsuit to the Little Medicine spa area, or change into your suit before arriving to class. Water sessions last for 45 minutes.

What to bring for Yoga:

  • Loose non-restrictive clothing that is easy to move in.
  • A light sweater or fleece to layer on or off.
  • If water yoga is being offered, please bring your swimsuit and water-proof sunscreen.

After Yoga, be sure to visit the Pool and Hot Springs for further relaxation.