We love food and fine dining is our specialty! One of our highest considerations at the 4UR Ranch is the quality and creativity of the food prepared for our guests and our staff. We want it to be delicious and beautiful, as well as home grown or locally sourced whenever possible. And we want it prepared by someone like Chef Liz Wolfgang whose love of cooking and laid back style is the perfect ingredient for cuisine at the ranch. A few years ago Chef Liz came to us to fill the position of Sous Chef and we quickly came to appreciate her skills and perfected talents.

Chef Liz’s love for Colorado, her culinary history with fine dining, and her previous experience at a luxury ranch resort, made her the perfect addition to the 4UR team. As Executive Chef, Liz puts her amazing culinary skills to work in magical ways to make sure your fine dining experience is exceptional in every way.  Variety is key in our fine dining experience at the 4UR Ranch.  Our menu is dynamic and very much alive, especially during dinner service.  While two dishes will remain on the menu every evening, the rest is rotated to provide a more in depth and satisfying fine dining experience.  Further, the menu changes throughout the summer and fall to feature dishes that compliment the change in season.  We welcome you to enjoy this fine dining experience with us in the beautiful San Juan mountains