A Vacation for the Entire Family

By AnnKate Sledd


Can you remember your favorite vacation? The excitement of waking up early, getting in the car, and heading out to a week of fun.  It’s something everyone, young or old, can identify with.

A vacation at the 4UR is no different. Families from all over the world come to experience the Great American West in all its glory, with jagged peaks, welcoming meadows and beautiful aspen groves. If you’re looking for a guest ranch for families, you’ve found it!


We know that the definition of family varies greatly. For some, this includes grandparents and grandchildren, cousins, or friends that feel like family. No matter what type of family you have, the 4UR is a great vacation for everyone.

If you’re looking for family bonding, any of our activities can be enjoyed as a family.  Kids’ can join parents for hikes, family horseback rides, and family fishing. If your family loves to bond but also enjoys doing their own thing, we have exciting options for all ages.

For our youngest guests, the midge program is the perfect start to learning to vacation at a guest ranch. “Midges” split their time between their parents and our midge counselors during available times. While with counselors, midges venture around the ranch compound visiting the goats, cats and horses, play at the playground, and use their imagination to invent games. Midges also attend the 2 kids’ cookouts each week.

Guests ages 5-12 join the 4UR Wooly Buggers Kids’ Program. As a wooly bugger, children participate in a daily program from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. Led by 2 counselors, kids are submersed in everything outdoors with activities such as horseback riding, archery, hiking, fishing and arts and crafts. Each week there are 2 kids’ cookouts where wooly buggers get a night away from the adults for an outdoor dinner and games. Spending almost every moment outside (weather permitting), our counselors work hard to make sure our young guests forget about their ties to technology and sedentary activities.

Once 13, 4UR guests are considered adults and can choose their activities and daily schedules. Adult guests sign up for activities like riding, fishing, shooting and hiking as they wish. Guests are welcome to participate in activities with their families, other guests, or alone if desired. Adult guests have morning and afternoon activity options each day so they can get their fill of all their favorite things. Adult guests can also enjoy massages and soaks in the spa throughout their stay.

Whether your family is looking for an active vacation or one more for relaxing, the 4UR is definitely a guest ranch for families!

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