The 4UR Ranch is no ordinary family dude ranch; it is one of the oldest in the state. The property was known as a sacred place by the Ute Indians, who called the natural hot springs here “Little Medicine” because of their healing powers. After the Ute left the area, the Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Hotel was built in the 1870s and the area became a welcoming stop for travelers. Ultimately, the Wagon Wheel Gap Hotel developed a world-wide reputation as a health resort, and drew an international clientele to its restorative waters and clean air.

By the 1880s, the ranch was known as much for its fabulous fishing and hunting as for its healing powers. This was one reason that the ranch continued to flourish even after the proliferation of antibiotics caused the “Golden Spa Age” to come to an end; the Wagon Wheel Hot Springs Hotel was well poised to become the Wagon Wheel Gap Ranch, and the Golden Age of the Colorado dude ranch was born.

The Wagon Wheel Gap Ranch is remembered in the current name, 4UR Ranch. The brand used by Wagon Wheel Gap Ranch came from the two W’s in the name, which translated into two double Us, or four Us. Thus the cattle brand 4UR, and the name of our lovely 4000 acre ranch today. Come check us out: your family will never forget your Dude Ranch Vacations.