Fall is in the air! At 7,500 feet elevation, you can feel it come on quick here! It is crisp everywhere, and our Hot Springs are more and more delicious in the cool evenings.

Soon it will just be our core staff at the ranch, and the horses of course. This is an important time to allow for Goose Creek to re-coop for next summers Fly Fishing Vacations. Soon the town of Creede will be reduced to the few steadfast year-round residents.

The Creede Repertory Theater closed at the end of August, so all the big stars are out of town as well. Soon we will have the San Juan Mountains all to our self. We work hard to maintain this precious land for the year to come. We want the fields to be green and plentiful to supply the horses in the spring and throughout the summer if possible. Plus, the better care we can take, the better the valley will look for horseback riding vacations in the summer.

Wet winters and Summers make for Wildflowers and Green hillsides

A wet winter and spring make for wildflowers and green hillsides

Soon the snows will come, and there will be a whole new reason to visit Colorado! The skiers and snowboarders will ascend the mountains in search of thrills. We will watch our beautiful valley change as the snows come, and wait, not too differently from hibernating bears, for the spring to come again.

Please feel free to contact us over the winter; we will still be here to answer phones and emails about summertime Rocky Mountain Vacations. We’ll just be carrying hot chocolate instead of ice cold pop.