We were glad that the grasses were high this summer, and the spring was wet. This helps us keep the horses happy and healthy all year long. When the horses can supplement their usual diet with natural-grown grasses in the valley, this makes it easier to keep them well through the cold winters up here. Damon, the head wrangler here at our Colorado Dude Ranch will keep the horses happy and warm through the snow.

We are so glad to have Damon, someone who cares so deeply for horses and horsemanship, to take care of our herd over the winter. He will ensure that all our mounts are in great shape for when our guests start arriving for their Rocky Mountain Vacations in June. We have a diverse group of horses that are alive and ready to bring you on a memorable adventure during a steak ride deep into our valley, or gingerly introduce our junior wranglers into the world of riding.

We offer a variety of rides, including daily trail rides for both kids and adults. There is no way you could feel like there is not enough riding! We have morning and afternoon rides every day, as well as meal rides like the breakfast ride, the steak ride and the fish fry. The fish fry is definitely one of our favorite events; there’s nothing quite like eating delicious fried trout in the great Colorado outdoors! We take care of everything for you – food, drink and even music. We trailer the horses home so that you don’t need to worry about enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer after your ride.

With the help of Damon and the great staff of wranglers we have every summer, we strive to make our Western Vacations enjoyable, but we also want to teach our guests a little about our natural horsemanship practices.