We are thrilled with how well our “Kids Stay Free” promotion has turned out. We had 15 kids and 25 adults enjoying horseback riding vacations to start out our season. Of course everyone had a blast and are already hoping to book for next season (have I mentioned that our guest ranch has a return guest rate of over 80%? I get the sense that people really like spending a week or more here during their summer).

There has been a lot of wildlife to observe in the valley this June. Many guests have seen elk, deer and bear. One group of riders even ran into a mother and baby moose. It was exciting for the riders, but I don’t think she was terribly pleased – she thought we were on her turf!

Unlike last summer – when it was wet and green long into June, we are looking for rain this year – it helps to keep the wildflowers blooming longer, and the pastures more plentiful for our horses. However, the weatherman says 50% chance for the next couple days, so that would be great!

The fishing as been going swimmingly thus far (haha) – all of of our stillwater fishing holes are producing great catches. We had multiple trips to the Lost Lakes this week, with staggering results. One group took in more than 65 fish in during their trip. Whoo hoo!

We’ll keep you updated on all the fun that happens during the family ranch vacations here over the next couple months.