Doesn’t it sound romantic? You call your sweetie and say, “Drop everything. I’m whisking you away for a romantic and exciting Colorado Dude Ranch vacation. We leave in 3 days.” Won’t he/she adore you even more for that?

Or imagine this: at dinner tonight you surprise your spouse and children by announcing you’re all going on a family dude ranch adventure the last week of July. They cheer, they applaud, they jump up from the table and dance a jig. Family bliss. You have just enough time to prepare.

Our luxury fly fishing resort has some last minute openings the weeks of July 17 – 24 and 24 – 31. This is a wonderful opportunity for friends, couples or families to immerse themselves in nature: partake in hikes and horseback rides in the southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado; treat yourselves to an angling adventure like none other, on seven private miles of Goose Creek; splash and play in our pool.

At our ranch in Creede Colorado, adventure awaits everyone. Spend hours lost in reverie by the water, practicing patience and the dance of the fly rod. Ride deep into stunning valleys and along high ridges, appreciating views and the sounds of nature. Watch in awe at the end of the week as your children amaze you with a riding show, or show you how well they can handle a fly rod. Warning – it may bring tears of joy to your eyes.

When not taking advantage of all there is to do, guests enjoy congregating over meals out of doors and in our dining room. It’s a good thing fresh air and activity stimulate the appetite, because you will definitely want to eat this food. Remember to save room for dessert at least once a day.

Please call 719-658-2202 to ask about last minute openings the weeks of July 17 0 24 and 24 – 31, 2010. We look forward to meeting you.