Out here at 4UR Colorado Family Dude Ranch, we are all pretty excited. As anyone who has been here knows, Cole Christensen is the oldest son of ranch managers Aaron and Robin Christensen. Cole recently participated in the National Finals Little Britches Rodeo in Pueblo, where he won second in the world. We are all very proud of him!

Cole’s victory has caused us to reflect on the Kid’s Program at our Family Dude Ranch.

Offering a well-rounded Kid’s Program is important to us for us a number of reasons. We want both parents and children of all ages to have a good time, of course, which usually means being active and engaged. We are happy that our Kid’s Program allows parents some time to go off and hike, horseback ride, or fish at their own pace – or even to relax by the pool with a good book. But that doesn’t get to the crux of it.

Children who have never seen a horse before arriving at our Colorado Family Guest Ranch may be riding horses when they leave. Children who have never held a fishing rod before their arrival may well be showing off their angling skills come the end of the week. Kids who have never really hiked before find themselves standing on a peak.

It may sound a bit corny to say so, but these every day events are empowering to children – they really are. As we all know, it feels good to try something new and to actually do it, however imperfectly. How wonderful for children to reconnect with their parents over dinner and share the day’s events. Together they can sympathize with each others’ challenges and celebrate the triumphs – both are part of life.

Kids stay free at 4UR the week of August 14 – 21, 2010. We can’t wait.