It’s been a wonderful summer here at our Colorado Dude Ranch, filled with much laughter and many adventures. It sure feels like fall now. Daylight temperatures may still be up in the seventies, but at night we are thankful for our warm, heavy blankets and wood stoves.

A late summer evening at our Colorado Dude Ranch.

September tends to be peak fall foliage here in our Creede Colorado Guest Ranch; we are all keeping close watch on the aspen trees. They can be tricky, green one day, yellow the next, and gone shortly after that, but that’s okay. Hikes and trail rides have been spectacular. Anticipating the close of the season, everyone is enjoying each minute to the fullest.

If you find yourself already pining for next year, give us a call and make your reservation. Try visiting at a time when you’ve never been here – like mid September or June – and experience the beauty of the Southern Colorado Rockies in a slightly different way. Each season – indeed, each month and week – is unique.