Do you dream of running through a field of tall green grass on horseback, with the wind in your face?

We’ll help you realize that dream when you spend a week at our Colorado Dude Ranch. Spend your winter dreaming, and make those dreams a reality during the summer of 2011. Our horseback riding program is geared toward realizing our guests horseback riding dreams.

Turn your horseback riding dreams into reality.

The first thing our wranglers do is assess everyone’s horseback riding ability. All are welcome here – from novices to expert riders – and we want all our guests to be safe and enjoy their rides. Out on the trail we work on building riders’ confidence and skill. Even novice riders who arrive on Sunday should be ready to handle a horse running through a field on Thursday. Our Steak Ride Thursday night is a powerful motivator – nothing is quite like eating a delicious steak meal in the mountains after a ride.

Children have their own horseback riding experience at our Colorado Dude Ranch. We strive to get children out on the trail everyday, and to help those who wish to participate in the Thursday Rodeo work on rodeo skills throughout the week. We always enjoy seeing how much confidence the children gain after a week in the saddle – for many, riding a horse is unlike anything else they have ever done.

Contact us about your 2011 summer dude ranch vacation.