*(That’s not really true, of course – one kid is just great.)
But we’re not really here to delve into the pros and cons of small and large families.

This Special offer is available the week of June 8 – 15 and August 10-17 2013

Instead, our Colorado Guest Ranch is offering this exciting special for the week of June 8-15 and August 10-17 2013. We call it the “Two for One” Special; bring two children ages 9 and under to our Family Dude Ranch that week and you’ll only pay for one.

Go ahead – bring them both.

The truth is, having children is expensive. We want to give them the world, but the world doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes it’s nice to catch a break, and that’s what we’re offering with our Two for One Special. We hope it will make things a little bit easier for you this year.

Bring your children to the Colorado Rockies for a Dude Ranch Vacation they’ll never forget. From the moment they mount their horse to the day when you watch them canter around the arena, you’ll be giving them more than great memories. It’s amazing what kids learn about themselves (and each other) when they’re here. They learn that they can: they can ride, they can catch a fish, they can do something they didn’t think they would ever do. It’s amazing.

If you thought you couldn’t afford a big family vacation this summer, perhaps our Two for One Special will permit you to reconsider. We hope to see you, and your delightful children, this summer at 4UR.