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The 4UR Ranch’s Reputation in the Early 20th Century

November 7th, 2017 by 4ur ranch

Anglers Fish the Rio Grande in the Early 20th Century


     The 4UR Ranch has a reputation of being an excellent destination for anglers looking to test the waters of Goose Creek. It also offers a luxurious experience to its guest looking to take advantage of the natural hot springs situated on the property. Furthermore it provides the highest quality meals thanks to its elite kitchen staff. Finally, its landscape provides boundless adventures and views around mountains through horseback rides, hikes and mountain biking. However, was it always this way?

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Wheeler Geologic Area

October 12th, 2010 by 4ur admin

Our seasonal staff has moved on to their next adventures, and those of us who stay at the Colorado guest ranch year-round are becoming accustomed to life without our friends and guests.

In the coming months, this blog will focus primarily on the lovely and fascinating area near the Colorado dude ranch. By the time the season re-opens in June 2011, readers should have many ideas on how to fill time when here.

Wheeler Geologic Area

One good example is the Wheeler Geologic Area, formerly known as the City of Gnomes. A National Monument from 1908 to 1950, it is now part of La Garita Wilderness Area, and well off the beaten track. While it is only about ten miles north of Creede, it seems like an entirely different planet. Eerie rock and ash formations jut forth from the earth – remnants of ancient volcanic eruptions by La Garita Caldera. The area is reminiscent of the South Dakota Badlands, but it is nestled in the mountains whereas the Badlands are carved out of the high plains.

Wheeler is accessible by an 8 mile hiking path or an 11 mile jeep trail also suitable for mountain bikes. The antiquity and quiet of the place seems to call for non-motorized transportation, but the gods won’t strike you down for driving in a jeep – the road ends about a half mile from the actual site, anyway. The trail rises to 11,800 feet, so those who venture there should be prepared for all sorts of weather and thin air. That said, a trek to Wheeler Geologic Area would be an incredible addition to a Family Ranch Vacation at our Creede Colorado ranch.

Photo of the Wheeler Geologic Area by

Changing Seasons

September 27th, 2010 by 4ur admin

Our summer season is over. Fall is here. We’ll spend the next several weeks tidying up at our Colorado vacation ranch and preparing for the winter.

Thanks to all who visited our Family Dude Ranch this past summer. We miss you, and will spend the winter remembering great moments at the ranch: fly fishing alone by the river, horseback riding high into the mountains with friends, and laughter at mealtimes. We look forward to seeing you again in 2011.

Signs of changing seasons outside of Creede, Colorado.

Creede Repertory Theatre

September 20th, 2010 by 4ur admin

The last week of the 2010 Season at our Family Dude Ranch is also the last week of the 2010 Season at the Creede Repertory Theatre.

Stephen Cole Hughes in The 39 Steps.

We feel so fortunate to have such an outstanding theatre company so close to our SW Colorado Guest Ranch. It makes it possible for our guests to spend a day out in nature and still catch a show in the evening. Given the remote locations of many guest ranches, we’re lucky our guests can fly fish or horseback ride by day and spend the night at the theatre.

It is possible to attend three different plays at the Creede Repertory Theatre this week. If you can’t decide, see them all.

The 39 Steps is based on the novel by John Buchan, the movie by Alfred Hitchcock, and an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon. Four actors take on 150 + characters in what the New York Times has called an “absurdly enjoyable” spoof. It runs the 21st and the 23rd at 7pm, and the 25th at 2pm.

This Day and Age, by Nagle Jackson, is a “smart comedy about family, independence, and 30 year-old adolescents returning to the nest”. It runs September 22 and 24 at 7pm.

Finally, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, by Quincy Long, is “an existential odyssey worthy of the Coen Brothers”. It will bring tears of laughter to your eyes September 22 and 25 at 7pm.

For more information about the Creede Repertory Theatre, or to purchase tickets, please visit their website.

Experience the Rockies of Southern Colorado

August 26th, 2010 by 4ur admin

There is no finer place to reconnect with nature than at our vacation ranch in the southern Colorado Rockies. Come for fly fishing, horseback riding, or just to relax.

Find beauty and tranquility at our Creede Colorado vacation ranch.

Why Fly Fish?

July 19th, 2010 by 4ur admin

The fly fishing at our Colorado guest ranch is catch and release, so we’re not fishing for food. Why, then, do we fish? Why do people come to our Guest Ranch in Colorado with dreams fly rods in their heads? Why indeed.

Fly fishing is an art.

The first mention of fly fishing in recorded history is said to be by the Roman Claudius Aelianus, in the second century. He had heard of Macedonians luring fish to the surface with colorful imitation flies attached to a line and rod. They apparently took the idea from watching fish surface to consume strange flies that hovered over the water. Undoubtedly they did so for food, as people have been doing for thousands of years.

In the Treatyse on Fysshynge with an Angle, written at the end of the 15th century, the author firmly states the fishing with an angle is the best form of sport – the least uncomfortable and the most pleasurable (when compared with hunting, hawking and trapping). The author goes on to discuss crafting the ideal rods, hooks, floats and lines for various waters and fish.

Fly fishing may not be too taxing, but it certainly requires skill and knowledge, from creating the proper equipment to understanding the fish and fishing conditions in each location. This, perhaps, is why it appeals to so many. Each minute spent on the water with rod in hand is a chance to better oneself. Each cast is a new start.

The guides at our guest ranch, lead by Andy Lee, know the waters and the fish that dwell in them well. They are expert teachers, adept in the art of bringing forth the angler in every man and woman. That said, fly fishing is ultimately a private sport. Only you can catch the fish.

We think that’s why people come here to fish. They want to stand in a gloriously beautiful setting and rise to the challenge of each minute. They feel that somehow, no matter the outcome, just being here and trying their best makes them a little bit better.

Thinking about Colorado Dude Ranches?

March 11th, 2010 by 4ur admin

There is something very special about Colorado. Along with the rich history and stunning landscape, Colorado holds a balance between the wild west and the new west.

We love our horses, and wide open spaces, but we also practice sustainable land practice, and natural horsemanship.

We have a delicious steak ride every week. Steak ride is when we jump on horseback and ride up the valley to a delicious cook-out dinner with our chef Wray Warner. But steak ride also means fine wine and cocktails, a delectable array of cheeses and snacks, along with big, juicy steak.

Our Rocky Mountain Vacations also include fly fishing in some of the most pristine waters you could hope for. In what is called “private tailwaters“, we have only catch and release fishing. So we give every angler the excitement of the catch.

Come and experience a more than a horseback riding vacation – 4UR ranch will bring you back in time while caring for the land so that it will be pristine for your grandchildren and ours.

Colorado Horseback Riding Vacation

September 1st, 2009 by 4ur admin

The ranch here at Wagon Wheel Gap has been a destination for over 100 years. In the 19th Century, the valley was a popular because of our natural hot springs. The appeal expanded to fisherman, seeing how plentiful fish were in clear, clean Goose Creek.

However, owners Pete and Lindsey are avid equestrians, and once they became the caretakers of 4UR ranch, they were excited to integrate an active horse program into their Rocky Mountain Vacation destination.
Now, 4UR Ranch has a thriving Natural Horsemanship program that is spearheaded by head Wrangler Damon Gibbons. Because of his dedication to the animals, riders reap the benefits.

Remember how much you love Riding, or learn what it's all about in 4UR's Equestrian Program

Remember how much you love Riding, or learn what it's all about in 4UR's Equestrian Program

When you ride with Damon and our other wranglers, be prepared to learn some new techniques for interacting with your horse. He and the other wranglers will help you learn the basics of approaching and mounting a horse, if you are new to the saddle. If you have been cutting cows and bending barrels for years, than be prepared to enjoy some active rides over the wild Colorado landscape during your Western Vacation.

We also want to share with the children the tenements of natural horsemanship. So many boys and girls are in love with horses, or the idea of horses, without actually knowing anything about what it really takes to be a rider. We help your children to understand what it means to be an equestrian.

At the end of the week, we have a “kiddie rodeo”, where the kids get to show off the skills they learned over the week with their wrangler. It is a fun time for them and their families, and one of the events that makes a visit to our Colorado Dude Ranch so memorable.

Family Ranch Vacations in Colorado

August 19th, 2009 by 4ur admin

Fall has arrived at the 4UR Guest Ranch, and the morning temps are hovering around the freezing point already. That’s what happens when you sit at over 8,000 feet elevation! It gives you some smokin’ hot and sunny days and cool nights and early mornings. Great for the tan, we always tell our young lady guests – just don’t get burned!

We aren’t seeing any changing leaves or fall colors yet – but that is just one reason to take your fly fishing vacation later on in our season. The fish are still biting, with some nice plump big boys being caught! Our varied waters hold an abounding array of trout: rainbows, browns, snake river cutts, cutt-bow hybrids and even brookies.

We are starting some renovations and construction on our Cabin at Lost Lake, one of our more secluded lodging options here at the dude ranch. Couples seem to really enjoy that cabin during their rocky mountain vacation.

Thw Wildflowers have been hanging in - it was a nice wet summer

The Wildflowers have been hanging in - it was a nice wet summer

We continue to have some exciting wildlife sightings. One of our fisherman saw four bull elk swimming across the lower lake. He was really excited about it, I think it must have been quite a sight! We have also continued to see our friendly black bear, and some guests have seen moose. It was been a wonderfully full and busy summer. Lots of families enjoying horseback riding and the kids especially have been doing a great job in their horsemanship and riding classes. Lots of kids have been in fly fishing school as well this summer.

The first of our staff is heading back to the “real world”: medical school, nursing programs and accounting studies. We will miss them, we had such a great group this year!

Next month we are looking forward to hosting an undersheriff convention, it should be a great time!

Rocky Mountain Vacation

August 11th, 2009 by 4ur admin

August in the Rockies is a glorious thing! The weather is pleasantly hot during the day. It’s a great time to take a dip in the pool after a morning ride, or enjoy a cool drink in the shade.

August is also one of the nicest times of the year at 4UR ranch for your family ranch vacation. The fly fishing crowds start to thin out, and you can really feel like you’ve got the run of the ranch. We have a great kids program, and also a lot of spaces on the ranch that we have dedicated to a family experience, like our pool.

Come and explore Southern Colorado

Come and explore Southern Colorado

Come to the pool every Wednesday for a Mexican food fiesta. Our talented chef Wray Warner makes amazing guacamole, delicious sizzling fajitas and fresh grilled veggies. We also serve ice cold beers, margaritas, lemonade and tea. This little party is a great time to meet some of the other guests at 4UR as well as have a relaxing lunch by the water. It is these kind of small niceties that have kept some of our guests coming back for years, some of our guests have been coming to our family dude ranch since they were small children, and now they bring their own children to the ranch. It is these stories that we feel makes our guest ranch the most unique place to vacation in Colorado.

We still have plenty of time in the summer and into September for you and your family to become part of the tradition at 4UR. Visit the contact page for our Colorado Dude ranch to inquire about becoming part of the 4UR family!