There is something very special about Colorado. Along with the rich history and stunning landscape, Colorado holds a balance between the wild west and the new west.

We love our horses, and wide open spaces, but we also practice sustainable land practice, and natural horsemanship.

We have a delicious steak ride every week. Steak ride is when we jump on horseback and ride up the valley to a delicious cook-out dinner with our chef Wray Warner. But steak ride also means fine wine and cocktails, a delectable array of cheeses and snacks, along with big, juicy steak.

Our Rocky Mountain Vacations also include fly fishing in some of the most pristine waters you could hope for. In what is called “private tailwaters“, we have only catch and release fishing. So we give every angler the excitement of the catch.

Come and experience a more than a horseback riding vacation – 4UR ranch will bring you back in time while caring for the land so that it will be pristine for your grandchildren and ours.