The first snow arrived in the mountains on September 15, signaling what we all knew was inevitable – the close of the 2011 season at 4UR Family Guest Ranch.

The first snow has fallen above 4UR.

We’d like to thank everyone: our guests, our staff, our friends. It’s hard to believe the season is really over, since it seems like it just started. It’s the same every year. There’s the rush of activity to prepare for the season each spring, the arrival of our seasonal staff, and then whoosh! We’re off and running until this moment.

There is still plenty to do here, and for that, we’re glad. It helps keep our minds off of everyone who’s gone.

We wish you all a happy and healthy fall, winter, and spring. May you dream of riding horses across wide grassy meadows and fly fishing in Goose Creek. We look forward to seeing you next year at 4UR.