rhodonite and rhodochrosite minerals

A fantastic piece of Rhodonite.

Quite a few guests of our Creede, Colorado Guest Ranch are rockhounds. They keep their eyes on the ground as they hike trails in the Rockies, looking up from time to time to admire the view. Rockhounds are like that – they see beauty in places many people overlook.

We suggest that rockhounds stop by the Last Chance Mine, just outside of Creede. It’s a fantastic place to collect minerals. A fellow named Jack Morris has poured his heart and soul into the Last Chance Mine. He’s opened it to the public and is gradually restoring the mine and its buildings.

Here you can find rare Sowbelly Agate, Amethyst, Turquoise, Galena, Pink Rhodonite, Native Silver, Copper, Pyrate, and many more minerals. Bring your own mining tools or borrow them from Jack, and keep what you find ($2 a pound). Some of the minerals are good enough quality to turn into jewelry, while other rocks are large enough for lapidary purposes.

The Last Chance is worth a look while you’re at our Colorado Family Dude Ranch. Even if you’re not all that interested in pounding rocks, you’ll find the history of the place interesting. If you’re a serious rockhound, you may want to extend your time in Creede for a few days. Two rustic cabins are available for lodging up at the mine.

The Last Chance Mine is open when we are. For more details, please visit Last Chance Mine.

Please contact 4UR Family Guest Ranch to reserve a cabin during the summer of 2012.