Our ranch as more than just a ‘dude ranch.’ We offer a luxury experience here at 4UR. We’d like to describe some aspects of our ranch vacations that make us a luxury option.

Gourmet Cuisine

Whether you are out on the trail for the steak ride or inside the dining room at our lodge, the food at 4UR is hearty, delicious and above your expectations.

Always save room for dessert at 4UR.

Always save room for dessert at 4UR.

If you are having dinner in the lodge, enjoy ice-cold beer and fine wines. Classy salads with ingredients like blue and feta cheeses, endives and summer beets will grace the menu. For entrees, try fresh fish dishes, juicy steaks and creative vegetarian dishes like Artichoke Cannelloni.

Our al fresco dining is also gourmet. No bologna sandwiches here! While on the steak ride, you can enjoy wine, beer and spirits at dinner, as well as fine cheeses and crackers, baby greens for salads and other decadent add-ons for your burger or steak. Want a bleu cheese burger? No problem! This is dining at 4UR Ranch.

Natural Hot Springs

100 years ago, the property where our dude ranch is today was the Wagon Wheel Gap Hotel. Named for the narrow slip of maneuverable land between the palisades to our north and the banks of the Rio Grande, the railroad dropped visitors at the bridge across the Rio Grande where they were shuttled to the hotel.

They were drawn to the “healing waters,” that bubbled out of the ground here. The historic building that housed soakers stands on the ranch, shaded under massive cottonwood trees.

Our guests still soak in these relaxing natural hot springs, abet in a new building, near the pool. Whether or not they are healing, we don’t know, but they feel wonderful during a chilly evening.

There are, of course, other reasons that 4UR is a luxury vacation destination. We will keep sharing in later posts.