Awesome. Amazing. Inspirational. Challenging. Life-Changing.

These are just a few words the 4UR summer staff has used to describe a season working with us.

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4UR Ranch Staff

4UR Ranch Staff

There can’t be enough said about living in this beautiful valley in Creede, Colorado for a whole summer. Besides the hiking, riding, fishing and fun the staff experiences during their “down time”, it is usually the time on the clock that has made the most memorable experiences. The great work ethic that our managers lay forth has helped our staff to grow and hone skills that have translated into amazing job opportunities and life experiences down the road.  To give an idea, here are a few words from past (and returning) staff:

4UR Ranch Staff - Becky Kivlovitz

4UR Ranch Staff – Becky Kivlovitz

“I liked working at the 4UR because I had never experienced “country living” like that before. I grew up in Houston and went to school in Austin. Coming here and having no cell phone service coupled with living in close quarters with some amazing people was a good experience. The days in housekeeping were long, but the fact we were all in it together, sharing jokes and stories really made it a rich experience. It made work fun rather than just labor intensive. The interaction with the guests was awesome and fun too.  The friendships there are solid. I am roommates with a girl from my most recent summer, still keep in touch with the staff from my first summer, and I am going on a backpacking trip to Columbia with another girl I met at the 4UR. I work for Backpacker Magazine. My job is to hike and write about it ( I feel that some of the greatest hikes I go on are crowded, because they are the “greatest hikes” for everyone. The difference at the 4UR is that it is private land, you have these great hikes that are great solitude. The hikes I have been on here have been surreal.  I would recommend the 4UR to anyone looking for that next thing that will challenge you, and make an awesome impact on you for the rest of your life!”
– Becky Kivlovitz
Becky works for Backpacker Magazine ( and currently lives in Boulder, CO

4UR Ranch Staff Member - Brittany Gilbert above the Rio Grande

4UR Ranch Staff Member – Brittany Gilbert above the Rio Grande

“Hi, I’m Brittany and I worked in Housekeeping at the 4UR Ranch during the summer of 2013. I learned about the ranch through my sister who worked here in 2010 and 2011. After visiting her and hearing her stories, I wanted to experience the ranch for myself.  Living and working together you form strong bonds that last far beyond the ranch season.  Your co-workers become your family and the ranch becomes your home.  You work hard, but are able to enjoy all the ranch has to offer including incredible hiking, fishing, horseback riding and more!

4UR Ranch Staff Member - Brittany Gilbert - Painting of Wagon Wheel Gap

4UR Ranch Staff Member – Brittany Gilbert – Painting of Wagon Wheel Gap

The ranch property is absolutely stunning and workers are able to experience first-hand the changes from spring into summer and fall.  As an artist, this was truly inspiring and I spent a great deal of my free time painting this majestic landscape. It was the summer of a lifetime!”
– Brittany Gilbert
Brittany’s paintings can be found on her website ( Brittany is working at an art supply store, Meininger’s, and paints in her studio in her free time. Brittany lives in Boulder, CO

4UR Ranch Staff Member - Taryn Doud

4UR Ranch Staff Member – Taryn Doud

“If you like ranch life, incredible mountains, hard work, and great co-workers, then 4UR is the place for you!  I spent my summer working in the dining room with the waitstaff team, learning as much as I could about horses at the barn, and making great friends.  My days were filled with interactions with the guests and fabulous food, and then hours on the back of a horse.  It was one of the best experiences of my life, and it has changed so much of me.  The work is hard and the play is hard, and you will walk away with some of the most amazing memories of your life.”
– Taryn Doud
Taryn works for a small technology company, Red Hen Systems, in Fort Collins, CO

4UR Ranch Staff Member - Shae Couch

4UR Ranch Staff Member – Shae Couch

“The 4UR is a difficult thing to explain to someone who has never experienced it. What really sold me on working at the 4UR is the teamwork, camaraderie and being a part of helping to provide a relaxing and magical experience in the forest for all guests. This was a place where I found out who I was through new adventures and working with the horses as a wrangler. The 4UR changed my outlook and life, and I hope that anyone who works there experiences the same.”
– Shae Couch
Shae currently attends the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ

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