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Did You Ever Wonder What’s Inside the Tallest Building at the 4UR Ranch?

July 25th, 2017 by 4ur ranch


     Happy 100 year anniversary to our fluorite mill at the 4UR Ranch! If you have been to the 4UR Ranch located in the historic mining town of Creede, Colorado, you have definitely noticed that big old building sitting on the east side of Goose Creek. Its nostalgic and regal presence towers over the ranch and demands attention; well it’s going to get some!


     The vein of fluorite it was constructed for was discovered in 1891 by miners looking for extensions of the Amethyst silver vein that brought so much prosperity. The origin of the fluorite vein is believed to be linked to the three hot springs in the area; with the water depositing minerals and forming the veins over time. However the interest of the time was for silver and gold and fluorite took a back seat until 1911 when

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4UR Ranch 2013 – What A Great Year

December 27th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

Time sure flies and here we are with Christmas right around the corner and New Year’s Eve 2014 close on its heels. Looking back over 2013 and reflecting on what a great year it was for all of us, here at 4UR Ranch, we are happy to see that we’re not the only ones who thought that. Maybe it’s a little immodest but we wanted to share some of these great reviews with you because, thought they make us blush a bit, they also make us feel really good about all that we do here.

“I spent five days at the 4UR Ranch with my sister and brother-in-law hiking and fishing. The property is fantastic — quaint, rustic, but very high-end and comfortable. The scenery in this part of Colorado is great. Whereas the Rockies are just too imposing and inaccessible, these mountains can easily be scaled and enjoyed up-close.
Ranch owners Lindsey and Pete Leavell are so gracious. They make running a resort property look like it’s a stress-free walk in the woods. (I bet it’s not! Ha!)
Look no further than the 4UR Ranch if you want great food, a great environment, fresh air and a place to hike and fish. (And horse around.) LOVED IT!”

Guest reviews for 4UR Ranch

People sure seem to like it here – the scenery doesn’t hurt.

“I live in New Zealand, and the 4UR Ranch was the first stop on my itinerary before continuing on to Detroit to visit with family and friends. I chose the 4UR Ranch because it offered the opportunity to indulge two of my passions, horses and mountains. I have not been in the saddle for 20 years, so was a little anxious about how I would go. But the wranglers were spectacular, and helped me to regain my confidence quickly, and safely. I concluded my week with an amazing ride to the top of Table Rock, which at a little over 10,000 feet gave a spectacular panoramic view of the Ranch and surroundings.
The welcome by Pete and Lindsey Leavell , the Management, and Staff was warm and gracious. The food was top class, and the accommodation was clean, comfortable, and peaceful. I also enjoyed the opportunity to do some trap shooting, swim in the thermally heated swimming pool, and have a massage by an expert.
I give this place my highest recommendation to anyone looking for extraordinary scenery, gracious hospitality, horsemanship, and peace.”

There are many more I could post but humility prevents me from doing so – though it doesn’t stop me from pointing out that, out of the 20 reviews posted on TripAdvisor for 4UR Ranch, all of them are five-star … good thing we’re not the types to let a thing like that go to our heads …

See you all in 2014 – Happy New Year!

Recent Reviews of Our Colorado Dude Ranch

September 16th, 2012 by jenn

4ur ranch fly fishing in Colorado

CO guest ranch vacations include great activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, children’s programs and more!

At our Creede, CO guest ranch, we always strive to create the perfect Colorado dude ranch vacation for our guests. We’re always very appreciative of the reviews our visitors give on Every bit of feedback helps us to continually improve and provide the best ranch vacation experience possible. We’d like to offer some of these reviews which our guests have so kindly shared. A big ‘Thank You!’ to all of our wonderful guests!

“Perfect family ranch experience”

We would strongly recommend making the trip out to 4UR. It is a very special place where you feel like part of the family. The staff is clearly trained for superior and personal customer service, and it’s no surprise most of the friends we met were repeat guests. The overall feel is unstructured which was nice. There are generally two activity sessions a day (before, after lunch) but there is much freedom and custom tailoring depending on what activity you would like to focus on. Most days we felt comfortable letting our children disappear for hours to explore the grounds or work on horsemanship. Will definitely try to return.

~TripAdvisor Reviewer from Philadelphia

Colorado guest ranch lodging

When you’re not enjoying the outdoor activities at our dude ranch in Colorado, you can simply…relax…ah…

“As good as it gets, in every way”

Everything at 4UR is done right – beautiful location, very well maintained facilities, great management and staff, top flight food and activities. Great attention to the details that make a vacation special. Management and staff couldn’t be more helpful and thoughtful. Although we are just a couple, there were a number of extended families and we could see that the kids were having a great time as well. A key positive for us was the wonderful “other” guests, with whom we were able to become fast friends. During our week, there were a number of extended families who have been coming there for generations. This speaks volumes for 4UR. We went for the first time this year and will be returning.

~TripAdvisor Reviewer from Pennsylvania

“Best. Vacation. Ever.”

I’m hesitant to write a review because 4UR feels like an amazing secret that you don’t want to share for fear it will be ruined…that said, it’s too great to keep to myself. I just got back from a week there with my 8-year-old twins and I can say without hesitation that it was the best trip we’ve ever taken. Everything about 4UR feels sort of perfect – the food, the lodging, the staff, the activities… Robin and Aaron and their incredible staff seem to have thought of everything and work really hard to make the stay memorable and magical. The only thing I would say to those considering a visit is it is really geared towards people who want to be outside, don’t need their electronic fix and are active. The horse program, hiking, fishing are all incredible as is the newly built spa. …[I]f you are looking to truly get away somewhere beautiful, relax and spend time with some amazing people – guests and staff – this is the place for you. We will definitely go back.

~TripAdvisor Reviewer from New York City

If you would like to experience an exceptional Colorado guest ranch vacation, contact us today!

2012 Season of Whitewater Rafting on the Upper Rio Grande Still Open!

September 2nd, 2012 by jenn

Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

Rafting in Colorado on the Upper Rio Grande is a great way to get on the water and have an adventure together.

While you’re enjoying the horseback riding or fly fishing along the river at our Colorado dude ranch, you might want to experience our local waters in an entirely different way.

Whitewater rafting on the nearby Upper Rio Grande is perfect for families and groups, whether they want an exhilarating ride down the rapids or an easy-going float down the river. All experience levels can be accommodated. Either way, it’s be a scenic trip through the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. While your staying at our dude ranch in Colorado, you don’t have to worry about making reservations; we’re always happy to make the arrangements for you.

In addition to more easy-going rafting trips which require no previous experience, the Upper Rio Grande also features Class II and Class III rapids. Class II are moderately difficult which means some previous experience is required. Class III are very difficult–think fast and unpredictable waters–so an expert guide and previous experience are definitely required to maneuver through these rapids.

Experienced river guides can either do the paddling for you or you and your group can follow the guide’s instructions and paddle on your own. Fully equipped half day trips are available. There are also guided kayaking trips which include all the equipment and instruction you need.

For both kayaking and rafting, wear shorts and a T-shirt or bathing suit and an extra “just in case” layer since the weather is pretty changeable here. Also don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera to capture the memories. Be sure you’ve got a pack, straps or vest to keep everything stowed or you could lose them along the way. (Please, no alcohol or glass bottles.)

Our guest ranch in Creede, CO is ready to serve up whatever adventure you want! Just let us know and we’ll help you have the full experience of our beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain country.

Let the Hiring Begin!

January 12th, 2012 by Gail

Each January we start the process of selecting the seasonal staff for our Colorado Guest Ranch. This is always a big task, and an interesting one.

Have the experience of a lifetime. Work at 4UR.

We always have a handful of returning staff (it could be the atmosphere that entices them to return, or it could be the food). Some folks are interested in the same job they had last season; for example, wranglers often return as wranglers. Other folks return to a different job; a housekeeper might be a Kids’ Counselor the following year.

It can be non-stop at our Colorado Family Dude Ranch in the height of the season. Our staff need to be hard workers with a good attitude. But just as we work hard, we play hard. Staff take advantage of free time to hike, fish, ride, and more.

We’re told by our staff that working here allows them to meet many interesting people they would not otherwise have met, both staff and guests. They make long-lasting friendships. They try new things. And more than one staff member has met their future spouse here!

If you’re interested in working at 4UR this summer, contact us soon.




Give a Vacation for Christmas

November 29th, 2011 by Gail

If you haven’t already done so, it’s about time to start holiday shopping. If you’re like many of us here at 4UR Colorado Vacation Ranch, you may want to give something special this year – something unique.

  • For the children in your life, give an unforgettable experience replete with horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and unparalleled outdoor fun.
  • For the grandparents in your life, give a Colorado Family Ranch Vacation – it’s the perfect family reunion.

    For someone in your life, this is a dream come true.

Don’t battle it out at the mall this year. Do your holiday shopping with us.

Nature Rules

October 17th, 2011 by Gail

It’s amazing. Ski slopes are open just one month after we’ve closed our Colorado Family Guest Ranchfor the season.

It's only a matter of time before our Colorado Family Guest Ranch looks like this.

A few weeks ago, some of our guests were standing knee deep in Goose Creek with fly rods in hand. Others were embarking on trail rides in the Colorado mountains. Were they here this weekend, they could drive 33 miles south of here to Wolf Creek Ski Area, where they could downhill ski, snowboard, and cross country ski.

Wolf Creek is not yet open during the week. It’s scheduled to fully open for the season in early November. Yet with 21 inches of snow at the summit, they are able to open about a quarter of the mountain. The skiers among us are thrilled.

Throughout much of the Colorado Rockies, life revolves around the seasons. A Fly Fishing Ranch and Family Dude Ranch, 4UR operates from the beginning of June to the end of September. By the time we finish tidying up at the end of the season, ski areas are beginning to open. They’ll start closing as we make ready to open in the spring.

We like participating in this harmonious cycle. We feel connected to nature and her whims.

Reunions at our Colorado Guest Ranch

July 25th, 2011 by Gail

Reunions happen every summer here at 4UR Colorado Vacation Ranch.

Some of our guests have visited our Family Dude Ranch yearly for more than 30 (even 40) years. Some came here as children with their parents and grandparents, and they return as adults, eager to share 4UR with their own children. We’ve been known to have three generations at the ranch at one time. It seems a rare and beautiful thing these days.

Reunions may have many faces. Sometimes families meet here, parents and grown children arriving from the four corners of the country. Sometimes siblings come, bringing their children so the cousins will share incredible experiences here. Sometimes old friends come together for a few days of fishing, horseback riding, and good meals.

Then there are reunions of guests who met at our Colorado Guest Ranch, people who end up staying here the same time each year. They become friends thanks to their many shared experiences here: horseback rides to cookouts of steak and wine, good days fishing Goose Creek, cheering on their children during the Kids Rodeo. These people didn’t know each other before fate brought them to 4UR, and they end up great friends. It’s wonderful to witness.

We are honored to have so many guests return year after year. They become part of our extended family. We invite you to be a part of our family, too.

Horseback Riding Holiday

October 30th, 2010 by 4ur admin

Do you dream of running through a field of tall green grass on horseback, with the wind in your face?

We’ll help you realize that dream when you spend a week at our Colorado Dude Ranch. Spend your winter dreaming, and make those dreams a reality during the summer of 2011. Our horseback riding program is geared toward realizing our guests horseback riding dreams.

Turn your horseback riding dreams into reality.

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Colorado Guest Ranch -A Week for Adults Only

August 10th, 2010 by 4ur admin

We love children. One of the best aspects of each season at our Colorado Guest Ranch is watching children grow and thrive: splashing in the pool, riding horses, and angling. Since many of our guests return year after year, we are able to watch young children transform into confident young adults. It’s wonderful.

Tranquility at our Colorado Guest Ranch.

That said, we understand that adults sometimes crave a little “adult-only” time; and it is with this thought in mind that we offer two “Adults Only” weeks at our Colorado Dude Ranch – the weeks of August 21 and August 28, 2010.

Whether you are parents looking for a week alone with your spouse, parents looking to reconnect with grown children, or non-parents looking for a fun retreat, you’ll find it at 4UR during the last two weeks of August.

You won’t be woken at 5 am when your children wiggle their way between you and your spouse. You won’t be caught in splash fights in the pool. You can stay up late, chatting with friends over drinks, and sleep in late. Spend the day with a book by the pool, go for a long, strenuous hike up a mountain, or lose yourself in a reverie while angling on Goose Creek. The choice is yours, and yours alone.