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Did You Ever Wonder What’s Inside the Tallest Building at the 4UR Ranch?

July 25th, 2017 by 4ur ranch


     Happy 100 year anniversary to our fluorite mill at the 4UR Ranch! If you have been to the 4UR Ranch located in the historic mining town of Creede, Colorado, you have definitely noticed that big old building sitting on the east side of Goose Creek. Its nostalgic and regal presence towers over the ranch and demands attention; well it’s going to get some!


     The vein of fluorite it was constructed for was discovered in 1891 by miners looking for extensions of the Amethyst silver vein that brought so much prosperity. The origin of the fluorite vein is believed to be linked to the three hot springs in the area; with the water depositing minerals and forming the veins over time. However the interest of the time was for silver and gold and fluorite took a back seat until 1911 when

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What To Bring On A Dude Ranch Vacation

November 21st, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

People ask all the time what to bring on a dude ranch vacation – and, when they don’t, we sometimes wish they would. It’s always good to be prepared and one of the main reasons that we have a “Packing List” list on our site.

What To Bring On A Dude Ranch Vacation

What To Bring On A Dude Ranch VacationT-shirts, shorts, jeans, swimwear
Our hope is that you’re gonna be out in the sun having a good ol’ time and getting a bit sweaty. You want comfortable clothes for that and ones that can take little wear and tear without upsetting you. Leave the gold lamé dress home or at least save it for a fancy dinner.

Cap/Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen
A cowboy hat aint de-rigeur but, you know, there’s a reason we wear ’em. The primary focus here is sun; you’re gonna be outdoors and getting plenty of sun. A burn’ll put the kibosh on your hijinks quicker’n a thumb in the eye. A tan looks great but let’s keep the UV exposure to a safe minimum.

Sweatshirt/Sweater/Jacket/Rain Jacket
“If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.”

Those of us who make our lives in Colorado know this phrase well, as it is a pretty decent reflection of the state’s climate. Down in the plains it’s not so tricky but up here where 4UR Ranch is – at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies – weather conditions can change rapidly and it’s no joke. You may start out hot in a t-shirt and jeans and end up halfway down the trail, shivering as you pull on your sweatshirt and windbreaker.

Boots – Western and Hiking
Like the cowboy hat, you don’t need a pair of Western boots just because you’re on the ranch. No one’s gonna make fun of your pink flip-flops unless you try to ride a horse, at which point we get a mite persnickety. Hollywood’s got everyone thinking the boots and hat are part of a costume when, in fact, what they are is specialized tools. While we do have some loaners, the supply is limited. If you plan to ride – and we hope you do – you should bring some Western boots.

At one point or another, you will probably find yourself on a trail of some kind while on the ranch. If so, you will want some hiking boots. People like to think tennis shoes are good for this. While comfortable, most tennis shoes tend not to be practical for the rough and tumble of hiking. Especially when it comes to ankle support. You wouldn’t wear hiking boots on the tennis court, would you?

Dinner Attire – Dressy/Casual
We don’t get too fancy here – but we don’t mind if you want to. By all means, bring the tux and gown if you want … or just stick to the jeans and t-shirt. Long as you’re washed up and fully dressed you probably wont offend anyone either way.

Fishing Gear – Hip Waders, Rod and Vest
I suspect you anglers out there couldn’t be separated from your gear any more than we wranglers are from ours but, just in case, we do have a limited supply of waders on hand and a large selection of fishing supplies, including a selection of top-quality flies that are proven performers on our waters. Colorado fishing licenses are available through the ranch office. Fish on!

The Rest
Seems like, no matter how well you pack, you always forget something. Well, the ranch has a small store stocked with both fun souvenir items and those “just in case” things you might’ve forgotten at home, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, caps, toothbrushes, sunscreen and toiletries.

See you soon!

Take the Waters of Wagon Wheel Gap

March 20th, 2012 by Gail

The tradition of “taking the waters” is perhaps as old as civilization itself. In prehistoric times there were sacred springs. The Romans built sophisticated baths. People long ago flocked to baths from Baden Baden, Germany to Bath, Britain. They traveled to spas in Vichy, France and Fukata, Japan. In the Americas, native peoples held sacred the waters of Saratoga, New York and Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado.


The Historic Wagon Wheel Gap Hotel

The nomadic Ute people frequented the warm, healing waters of Wagon Wheel Gap long before European settlers discovered them. They called the hot springs and mineral waters “Little Medicine” and used them for healing and in sacred rituals. When an influx of homesteaders and miners put an end to the Ute’s annual visits to the waters, tourists took their place. More than a decade before there was a town in Creede, there was a hotel and spa at Wagon Wheel Gap.

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A Wild Encounter

February 9th, 2012 by Gail

We had a wild encounter a few weeks back at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch. Thanks to Kyle, everything turned out alright.

Colorado Dude Ranch Hero

Kyle, our hero.

The ranch is pretty quiet these days. The Christensens are living in town for the school year, and those of us living at the ranch ranch have been traveling a fair amount. Given the relative lack of activity and people, it’s no surprise we had a visit from a mountain lion.

A few weeks ago, the Gibbons were on vacation in Wyoming and Kyle was watching their dog, Red. Kyle had been up to Humphrey’s, and on his way back, he noticed a scuffle in front of Damon and Kiera’s house. Investigating, he saw that a young female mountain lion had jumped Red, the Gibbon’s dog. Red was putting up a good fight, but he wasn’t winning. Fortunately, Kyle arrived in time to rescue him. Red will have his revenge when he stretches out on our new cat rug.

Such encounters are part of life in the Colorado Rockies. Yet in truth, they happen quite rarely. Once the staff arrives in the spring to ready the ranch for the season, solitary creatures like mountain lions retreat to more isolated areas. Still, this is an excellent reminder of how important it is to respect the wilderness that surrounds our Colorado Dude Ranch.

mountain lion at Colorado dude ranch

The fate of the mountain lion that attacked Red.

We still have some openings for the summer of 2012. If you’ve been dreaming of a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation, give us a call.


You Know What’s Best For Your Children

December 20th, 2011 by Gail

As Christmas and Hanukkah approach, your children may be tugging on your sleeve and whispering in your ear about all the goodies they’d like to have. They share stories of magnificent toys owned by their friends. They accompany you in stores, point to something they’ve never seen before, and declare, “I want that!” as if they’ve dreamed of it every night for years. Consumerism is contagious; their behavior is understandable.

Give them a gift they'll always remember and appreciate.

As parents, we want our children to be happy. We want to watch them open presents and smile and laugh. Their unbounded enthusiasm adds a wonderful spark to the holiday season.

At the same time, many of us don’t want to simply give our children every little thing they want. We understand that many of those toys won’t have staying power–they’ll be played with once or twice, and then end up disappearing under the bed or in the back of the closet.

We want to give them something they’ll really appreciate. Something that will impact their lives. We want them to have a gift they’ll remember for years to come.

Consider giving them a week at our Colorado Family Dude Ranch.

We’re offering a Two For One Kids Special again this year. One child stays for free with one paid child (for children 9 and under). That’s the kind of bargain some folks fight for at the Walmart. You won’t have to shield yourself from Bear Spray or Mace–you just need to give us a call.

A week at our Colorado Family Guest Ranch will involve horseback riding and hiking in the Rockies, swimming, and fly fishing on Goose Creek. It will be one adventure after another, with plenty of good food and many new friends. Your children will never forget it. Now that’s a present worth giving.

Your children will have to wait until summer, of course. But patience is a virtue and worth cultivating, right? Our Two For One Kids Special Weeks are June 9-16 and August 11-18, 2012. August is nearly full, but there is still plenty of room in June.

Please contact our Colorado Dude Ranch for more information about the Two For One Kids Special.

Happy Thanksgiving from 4UR

November 23rd, 2011 by Gail

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and as we prepare to gather with friends and family, we find ourselves reflecting on all we have to be thankful for in our lives and here at 4UR Colorado Vacation Ranch.

We’re thankful for our families and friends, for good health and good humor. We’re thankful for the opportunity to live and work together in a beautiful setting.

We’re thankful for our fabulous staff and terrific seasonal employees – also friends. We’d be lost without you.

We’re thankful for our wonderful guests. We’d be lost without you, too.

We’re thankful for the beautiful location of 4UR Family Dude Ranch. Waking up to see the Colorado Rockies each day makes waking up worthwhile.

Thanks to all of you who make living and working at 4UR special. Happy Thanksgiving.

Quiller Workshop 2013

November 16th, 2011 by Gail

Our workshop with Stephen Quiller was so much fun last year that we’ve decided to have another one this year. It will be the season opener at our Colorado Fishing and Dude Ranch, June 1-7, 2013.

Stephen Quiller has lived and worked in Creede for more than 40 years. The beauty of our surroundings inspires much of his art. During the workshop, he’ll guide participants through the process of creating working sketches in a beautiful outdoor location and paintings back in the studio. He’ll discuss composition and format, color relationships, medium, and types of paint application.

When not working on art, participants may enjoy the amenities and activities of our Colorado Vacation Ranch: horseback riding, swimming, relaxing in the warm waters of our mineral hot springs. We’ll work hard, learn a lot, eat well, and have fun. At the end of the week, we’ll have a painting.

Please visit Quiller Gallery to learn more about Stephen.

To reserve a spot in the 2013 workshop, please contact 4UR.

Below are scenes from the 2011 workshop with Stephen Quiller.

2011 Participants working in the studio.

2011 Participant's landscape ranch vista.

A busy studio in 2011.

2011 Artists at the 4UR Stephen Quiller Workshop

Adults Only Weeks in the Colorado Rockies

March 28th, 2011 by 4ur admin

Each summer, we offer two weeks for adults only at our Colorado Dude Ranch. This is not because we don’t like children; we love children, and the 4UR family includes many children, from newborns to teens. We offer two “Adults Only” weeks because we understand that sometimes adults need a little time to themselves.

The “Adults Only” weeks at our Colorado Guest Ranch are open to all adults, whether you are parents of young children or grown children, or not a parent at all. This is a time for you to go for long trail rides in the Rocky Mountains. It is a time for you to linger by the pool with a Corona in your hand. It’s a time for long soaks in our natural hot springs, and late nights gazing at stars.

Adults Only Weeks: August 17-24 & August 24-31, 2013

Please contact our Colorado Guest Ranch for more information.

Two Kids are Better than One

January 11th, 2011 by 4ur admin

*(That’s not really true, of course – one kid is just great.)
But we’re not really here to delve into the pros and cons of small and large families.

This Special offer is available the week of June 8 – 15 and August 10-17 2013

Instead, our Colorado Guest Ranch is offering this exciting special for the week of June 8-15 and August 10-17 2013. We call it the “Two for One” Special; bring two children ages 9 and under to our Family Dude Ranch that week and you’ll only pay for one.

Go ahead - bring them both.

The truth is, having children is expensive. We want to give them the world, but the world doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes it’s nice to catch a break, and that’s what we’re offering with our Two for One Special. We hope it will make things a little bit easier for you this year.

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