We had a wild encounter a few weeks back at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch. Thanks to Kyle, everything turned out alright.

Colorado Dude Ranch Hero

Kyle, our hero.

The ranch is pretty quiet these days. The Christensens are living in town for the school year, and those of us living at the ranch ranch have been traveling a fair amount. Given the relative lack of activity and people, it’s no surprise we had a visit from a mountain lion.

A few weeks ago, the Gibbons were on vacation in Wyoming and Kyle was watching their dog, Red. Kyle had been up to Humphrey’s, and on his way back, he noticed a scuffle in front of Damon and Kiera’s house. Investigating, he saw that a young female mountain lion had jumped Red, the Gibbon’s dog. Red was putting up a good fight, but he wasn’t winning. Fortunately, Kyle arrived in time to rescue him. Red will have his revenge when he stretches out on our new cat rug.

Such encounters are part of life in the Colorado Rockies. Yet in truth, they happen quite rarely. Once the staff arrives in the spring to ready the ranch for the season, solitary creatures like mountain lions retreat to more isolated areas. Still, this is an excellent reminder of how important it is to respect the wilderness that surrounds our Colorado Dude Ranch.

mountain lion at Colorado dude ranch

The fate of the mountain lion that attacked Red.

We still have some openings for the summer of 2012. If you’ve been dreaming of a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation, give us a call.