It’s almost February, which means Valentine’s Day is close at hand. Romance is in the air.

Romance at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch

Sometimes romance blossoms at our Colorado Guest Ranch. We think the glorious sunsets have something to do with it.

We’ve had more than one romance blossom at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch over the years. There seems to be something about this place that helps love take root and grow. It could be the radiant sunsets. It could be the clean, fragrant air. It could be the warm ambiance of the lodge, or then again, the incredibly satisfying food. Maybe it’s simply that 4UR brings people together.

We don’t really know why 4UR sparks romance. In truth, we don’t even know that it does. It could just be a coincidence. Still, we smile each time we hear of an engagement.

Over the holidays, we heard of several engagements. Kate the wrangler and Tobe the ranch hand got engaged over Christmas, as did Ashley Robinson and Robbie Farmer from the summer of 2007. And staff aren’t the only ones who fall in love at 4UR: two couples from Texas who’ve stayed at this Colorado Fishing and Dude Ranch recently announced their engagements.

Yes, love is in the air. Breathe deeply.