Our Colorado Dude and Fishing Ranch is seasonal, but work for it takes place year round. There’s an ebb and flow to be sure, a cycle. At this time of year, the focus is on the basics. We hire our seasonal staff. We review the budget.

We're looking ahead to 2012 at our Colorado Family Guest Ranch.

We’ve been holding budget meetings here at our Colorado Family Guest Ranch. These might not sound like fun, but they actually are. It’s during these meetings that we learn about all the new things we’ll get to buy and try out and implement next summer. It’s kind of like Christmas for adults–we all enjoy it.

Staffing for the 2012 season is going well. To date, we have found many wonderful new people from all over the nation. We’re also happy to have some returning staff; we’re eager to learn more about their off-season adventures like school and travel.

We’re thrilled to announce that Head Chef Wray Warner will be back again. 2012 will be Wray’s 7th summer at our Colorado Family Guest Ranch. Sous Chef Blake Bond is returning for his second season with us. Both are Cordon Bleu trained, and create amazing dishes from organic local produce and meats. Our mouths water just thinking about their return; spring can’t come soon enough!

Speaking of eating, the horses have been doing quite a bit of that. Winter has been mild here in the Southern Colorado Rockies. Days have been sunny. The horses are fat and sassy, and we’re all happy.