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A Visit from the Equine Dentist at 4UR Ranch

October 12th, 2016 by 4ur ranch

Equine Dentist Walck has a horse in stall, head is being held up by pulley as he sedates the horse.

Dentist Troy Walck getting ready to examine Cochise.

At 4UR Ranch we just wrapped up our season with an annual visit from CEqD Troy Walck, an experienced Equine Dentist. Having an equine dentist come each year to work on the horses is something that plays into our values as a guest ranch. While the horses visit the vet very often the work of a horse dentist is vital to keeping the 4UR herd healthy and happy.

You wouldn’t expect it but having bad teeth can lead to poor performance while out for a trail ride. Have you ever ridden a horse that refused to turn left? Sometimes the fix is as simple as smoothing out their teeth so they aren’t in pain each time you signal a left turn. Head Wrangler Damon Gibbons noticed a significant drop in the amount of negative behavior in the horses after the first few visits by CEqD Walck. For the wranglers to give each guest helpful and constructive horseback instruction the horses have to be in the best shape possible. Having Dr. Troy come out, gives the 4UR Ranch that edge.

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Thinking about Colorado Dude Ranches?

March 11th, 2010 by 4ur admin

There is something very special about Colorado. Along with the rich history and stunning landscape, Colorado holds a balance between the wild west and the new west.

We love our horses, and wide open spaces, but we also practice sustainable land practice, and natural horsemanship.

We have a delicious steak ride every week. Steak ride is when we jump on horseback and ride up the valley to a delicious cook-out dinner with our chef Wray Warner. But steak ride also means fine wine and cocktails, a delectable array of cheeses and snacks, along with big, juicy steak.

Our Rocky Mountain Vacations also include fly fishing in some of the most pristine waters you could hope for. In what is called “private tailwaters“, we have only catch and release fishing. So we give every angler the excitement of the catch.

Come and experience a more than a horseback riding vacation – 4UR ranch will bring you back in time while caring for the land so that it will be pristine for your grandchildren and ours.

Horseback Riding Vacations in Southern Colorado

October 27th, 2009 by 4ur admin

We were glad that the grasses were high this summer, and the spring was wet. This helps us keep the horses happy and healthy all year long. When the horses can supplement their usual diet with natural-grown grasses in the valley, this makes it easier to keep them well through the cold winters up here. Damon, the head wrangler here at our Colorado Dude Ranch will keep the horses happy and warm through the snow.

We are so glad to have Damon, someone who cares so deeply for horses and horsemanship, to take care of our herd over the winter. He will ensure that all our mounts are in great shape for when our guests start arriving for their Rocky Mountain Vacations in June. We have a diverse group of horses that are alive and ready to bring you on a memorable adventure during a steak ride deep into our valley, or gingerly introduce our junior wranglers into the world of riding.

We offer a variety of rides, including daily trail rides for both kids and adults. There is no way you could feel like there is not enough riding! We have morning and afternoon rides every day, as well as meal rides like the breakfast ride, the steak ride and the fish fry. The fish fry is definitely one of our favorite events; there’s nothing quite like eating delicious fried trout in the great Colorado outdoors! We take care of everything for you – food, drink and even music. We trailer the horses home so that you don’t need to worry about enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer after your ride.

With the help of Damon and the great staff of wranglers we have every summer, we strive to make our Western Vacations enjoyable, but we also want to teach our guests a little about our natural horsemanship practices.

Colorado Horseback Riding Vacation

September 1st, 2009 by 4ur admin

The ranch here at Wagon Wheel Gap has been a destination for over 100 years. In the 19th Century, the valley was a popular because of our natural hot springs. The appeal expanded to fisherman, seeing how plentiful fish were in clear, clean Goose Creek.

However, owners Pete and Lindsey are avid equestrians, and once they became the caretakers of 4UR ranch, they were excited to integrate an active horse program into their Rocky Mountain Vacation destination.
Now, 4UR Ranch has a thriving Natural Horsemanship program that is spearheaded by head Wrangler Damon Gibbons. Because of his dedication to the animals, riders reap the benefits.

Remember how much you love Riding, or learn what it's all about in 4UR's Equestrian Program

Remember how much you love Riding, or learn what it's all about in 4UR's Equestrian Program

When you ride with Damon and our other wranglers, be prepared to learn some new techniques for interacting with your horse. He and the other wranglers will help you learn the basics of approaching and mounting a horse, if you are new to the saddle. If you have been cutting cows and bending barrels for years, than be prepared to enjoy some active rides over the wild Colorado landscape during your Western Vacation.

We also want to share with the children the tenements of natural horsemanship. So many boys and girls are in love with horses, or the idea of horses, without actually knowing anything about what it really takes to be a rider. We help your children to understand what it means to be an equestrian.

At the end of the week, we have a “kiddie rodeo”, where the kids get to show off the skills they learned over the week with their wrangler. It is a fun time for them and their families, and one of the events that makes a visit to our Colorado Dude Ranch so memorable.

Dude Ranch Vacations in Colorado

July 29th, 2009 by 4ur admin

What are the ingredients for a perfect family dude ranch? Well, we think that excellent and inviting accommodations are the first step.

We have a variety of lodging options that our dedicated staff work hard to plan perfectly for your family trip. For example, we try to put couples in the same lodging area, and families in another, so that kids can become friends with their neighbors, and no one has to worry about a sleepless night.

Some 4UR Guests Relaxing in front of the Lodge

Some 4UR Guests Relaxing in front of the Lodge

Most of our lodging is structured Adirondack-style, with a long shared porch. The lodges are centrally located by and large; close to our dining room, lodge and pool area. However, we do have some homes that are pulled away for the rest of the ranch, and offer a quiet and secluded option.

Step two for a family ranch vacation is a great variety of activities to keep everyone in the family happy and entertained. We have Goose Creek of course, our world-class fly fishing creek, with seven pristine miles of private waters for anglers of all skill levels. Our head guide, Andy, can often be seen on the lawn in the morning with a group of young folks, showing them fly fishing techniques and tricks.

Then there is our equestrian program, which we are so proud of! Head wrangler Damon is trained in natural horsemanship, and when you come to ride at 4UR, you won’t just plot along behind the next horses’ bottom. We will lead you through our beautiful valley onto mesas and mountaintops for stunning views or delicious meals, like the Steak ride and the Fish Fry. We have a great riding program for the kids as well, which culminates in a hilarious kids rodeo.

There is our pool, and hot springs, as well as massage and yoga classes to partake in.

The last step for a great dude ranch experience is, or course, relaxation. With the quiet and peace of our little valley here at Wagon Wheel Gap, you are sure to find pure moments of serenity. After all, people have been visiting this valley for just that purpose for more than 150 years. I guess that is what keeps folks coming back again and again to our Guest Ranch. We provide a place for effortless and pleasant memory-building. That is what 4UR Ranch is all about.