Summer has not yet arrived at this Colorado Dude Ranch, though we get hints of it from time to time. Our valley is a beautiful lush green from all the rain we have had, and the dandelions are in full bloom. Last week, windy gusts and cloudy skies greeted the arrival of our final staff, while our current staff spent a blustery week painting, staining, mowing, cleaning, cooking and cleaning up the herd of horses.

As we prepared for opening, we also were busy in the community. We hosted a skeet shoot to raise money for the Creede Chamber of Commerce. This was good fun for all who participated. In addition, we were happy to lead participants of a mining history convention on a field trip to the mine on our family dude ranch. The town of Creede is one of the last great mining boom-towns in Colorado. A high-grade silver vein was discovered on Willow Creek in 1890, drawing ten thousand miners and prospectors to the area. People still come, both with pick in hand and to learn about that fascinating portion of American history.


Creede Repertory Theater

In another area, Head Chef Wray Warner and kitchen staff donated their time and energy to preparing and serving dinner at the 2009 season opening night of the Creede Repertory Theatre. “A Wonderful Noise” is their first production, which a few of us saw and thoroughly enjoyed. We feel so fortunate to have a nationally recognized theater in our small town that we are happy to support them in any way we can. The fact that they are here means we can live on a Colorado guest ranch in a stunning, remote part of the state and still enjoy top-notch theater.

We will be hosting a benefit dinner for our local Childcare Center this week, and will open up for our 2009 summer on Saturday. We are busy, but we like it that way. Winters can be quiet here, and we always look forward to the bustle of summer.