The past weeks have been devoted to preparation: mending fences and giving our guest ranch its annual spring face-lift. We came out of winter hibernation and invited members of our greater community to come to the ranch and celebrate a new season. Now we have opened our doors to our guests.

We are really excited to welcome people to the ranch this year, especially families. We love living on the ranch and raising our kids here, even part of the time. They thrive on the fresh air and sunshine, and they are challenged by their experiences: the first horseback ride, lead by an adult; the first solo ride; their first time out on the trail; their first fish. They will remember their time on this Colorado Guest Ranch, and so will your kids. Days are full, and evenings afford relaxing and fun times to gather around a fire pit, roast marshmallows and swap tales.

We look forward to seeing you out at our family dude ranch this summer.