We’re in the middle of the first Two For One Kids Special week here at our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch, and it’s really fun. Everyone at the ranch enjoys the company of children, from Kids’ Counselor Kali to Andi and Becky (waitstaff). This means parents and children can relax while their here.

Damon is a man of many talents.

Our Kids Program fills 6 hours each day. Children start most days with a horseback ride, which is a central part of our Family Dude Ranch Vacations. They swim, ride bikes, hike, play games, and try their hands at fly fishing, too. Parents can spend six hours fishing on Goose Creek or take long trail rides, secure in the knowledge that their kids won’t even think to look for them.

Kids love roasting marshmallows over an open fire and listening to Damon pick a song on his guitar. They feel accomplished when their parents watch them perform in a rodeo. They make new friends, bond with siblings, and generally have a great time. The hardest part is leaving.

There will be another Two For One Kids Special at our Creede Colorado Fly Fishing Ranch the week of August 13-20, 2011, and we’ll probably offer them again next year. Contact us to learn more about it. No matter when you come, your kids will feel special.