These are busy days here at our Colorado Dude Ranch in the Southern Rockies, as we ready ourselves for the even busier days ahead. Our staff has all arrived, with the exception of returning wrangler Spencer Johnson, who is finishing a semester of college in California. Kathy is back from a cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage, and was relieved that the pile on her desk isn’t as large as she feared it would be. We miss the Lees, but have heard that they are happily adjusting to life in Idaho, where there is still a good deal of snow.

Bring your boots to our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch this summer!

Chef Wray Warner’s wife Sarah has been visiting from Charlotte, North Carolina, where they live. Chef Wray will work tirelessly during the season, and is enjoying this time with Sarah before they have to part for the summer. Kiera Gibbons has taken the adorable baby Adelaide to visit family in Cincinnati, and Head Wrangler Damon sure misses them; luckily he has too much to do to be able to be too lonely. On a more cheerful note, Kate and Kyle are having fun driving around in their new, green 4-wheeler, which the Christensens have been eyeing with envy.

We’ve been bustling about clearing trails, fencing (as in fixing fences, not playing with swords), training, cleaning, washing, dusting, and painting. It feels good to flex some muscles and get things done! Winds have been high, which has slowed things down a bit; it’s hard to paint outside in strong winds, and as it’s a drag to eat with dirt in the food, we’ve had to cancel some cookout practice sessions. Still, it’s beautiful here and it is feeling more summery with each passing day.

Our annual community dinner was a great success. Each year we invite members of the community to come for dinner as part of our staff training. The food was wonderful and the service impeccable. We also hosted a rehearsal dinner for 65 people that went off without a hitch. The Mai Tais were flowing thanks to a tropical theme – be sure to try one when you come to our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch this summer. Finally, our new Sous Chef Blake Bond won the Creede Cook-off competition over Memorial Day Weekend. 4UR has won 4 out of the 5 years we’ve competed. Way to go Blake!

We are all looking forward to a fantastic 2011 season at our Dude Ranch South Fork Colorado filled with horseback riding, fly fishing, and more.