The 4UR Ranch is not just some pony corral off the highway. Our property is deep inside the Rio Grande National Forest, at almost 9000 ft. altitude. We are surrounded on all sides by unspoiled natural beauty that has barley felt the impact of man. Although the area was well known for mining at one point in history, the industry did not significantly alter or destroy the landscape. It is still breath-taking.

The closest town, Creede, is seven miles away and is little more than a mining ghost town that has re-invented itself as a summer arts tourist destination. The year-round population is about 400 souls. Next closest town is South Fork, which is 14 miles away with a population of 600. We are off the beaten path and we like it that way! Because of our location, we can provide quiet and serene luxury guest ranch vacations with stunning wilderness surrounding us. This remote location also provides us with some of the best fly fishing in Colorado, as our waters are one of only a few entirely private tailwater trout streams in the American West.

All of these conditions make for a little piece of heaven during the summer months, but during the winter, the weather can be extreme. Just a few days ago, the temperature at the ranch was -24 degrees. That’s right, it’s been cold and wet as the snow blankets everything in it’s landscape- changing pristine whiteness.

guest ranch in Colorado

Our guest ranch is a winter wonderland!

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