When you come and visit our Colorado Dude Ranch, you will realize that you’ve become part of our family! That is how we feel about everyone from our guests to our summer staff. So you can only imagine how bonded, dedicated and special our year-round staff are for us. They live on the ranch, care for our horses and other livestock as well as steward the property. They are the lifeblood of 4UR. Some folks have made big changes lately and we wanted to spend this blog celebrating the people that make 4UR ranch vacations unforgettable!

Damon Gibbons, Head Wrangler for Horseback Riding Adventures

If you’ve visited 4UR Ranch before, you’ve met Damon. He’s kinda unforgettable, with those big mutton chops and an eager smile for everyone. You’ve probably also seen his wife Kiera and maybe their daughter Adelaide Rose. But this fall they made an addition to their family with daughter Nemonie Grace. See heartwarming pictures below!

Colorado horseback riding vacations with Damon Gibbons of 4UR Ranch

Damon Gibbons holds newborn daughter Nemonie Grace


dude ranch vacations at 4UR Ranch

Our head wrangler’s wife, Keira, with daughter Nemonie. Born Nov. 16, 2012

Planning Your 2013 Dude Ranch Vacation?

If so, your gonna need to talk with Kathy Adelman, our office manager. She makes the reservations and keeps all the paperwork in order that allows 4UR Ranch to stay in business. She also has a new member in her family: meet Shelby Leone, Kathy’s granddaughter!

Office Manager Kathy Adelman’s new granddaughter, Shelby Leone. What a cutie!

Luxury Dining at a Dude Ranch?

I know – you don’t usually think “seared scallops” “goat cheese polenta” and “beet salad with endives” when you think about Dude Ranch cuisine. We understand, but things here at 4UR Ranch are different. That is due in part to the culinary talents and imagination of our head chef Wary Warner. Along with a rock star cowboy name, Wray is also a father to a new baby boy! Meet Graham Stevens Warner:

fine dining chef wray warner 4UR dude ranch

Our head Chef Wray Warner with newborn son Graham Stevens




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