Horseback Riding Jitters

At 4UR Ranch there’s no need to be nervous.

Sometimes people are a bit nervous about their first time horseback riding at the ranch – and that’s understandable. Horses are big animals and you can feel like you’re waaaaaay up in the air once you get into that saddle. If you’ve never been on a horse or, worse, if you’ve had a prior bad experience – there can be some fear about control of the animal.

What if it bucks or I fall off when it runs? Or what if I fall off when it’s just standing there!?!

The simple fact is that you *do* need to respect the animal and the power it represents. This is a live creature you’ve parked your hiney on – but let us put your mind at ease.

First, our horses are the gentlest around: well broke and very friendly – they love to be ridden! Our wranglers are the best, too. Their insight into the hows and whys of horseback riding, coupled with their patience and practiced eye, helps to ensure that no accidents occur.

Also, with our arena and trails, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to become comfortable in the saddle or to brush up your existing equestrian skills. We even have a Junior Wrangler program designed especially for the younguns. There is no greater thrill than the bond between horse and rider. You can’t explain it: you have to feel it.

Horse Safety CertifiedFurther, 4UR Ranch has received Horse Safety Certification from the Dude Ranchers Association, a program established to educate and assist guest ranches with Horse Safety and First Aid for the Trail. What this means to you is that we have been specially trained to both handle and – more importantly – to avoid any potential horseback riding mishaps. Because of this effort, you can clamber on up into your saddle at 4UR Ranch with a sense of security and confidence.

So don’t fret – whether you’re a seasoned rider or this is your very first time horseback riding, 4UR Ranch is watching out for you and feel confident that, once you’re up in that saddle, you’re gonna have one heck of a great time!