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Where does the 4UR Get its Ingredients?

September 15th, 2017 by 4ur ranch

Fresh Beets

Fresh Beets

         At the 4UR, something we take a great deal of pride in is our food and the ingredients that go into it. Chef Blake Bond has taken special attention in developing his menu, especially in regards to utilizing the resources in the local San Luis Valley. In the recent years our local farming community is experiencing a change, they’re getting

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Children on the Mind at 4UR

February 22nd, 2012 by Gail

Children are on the mind these days at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch.

Colorado Guest Ranch Kids Program

Beautiful baby Shelby and happy Grandma Kathy!

Kathy Adelman, office manager extraordinaire and all around “Ranch Mom”, is now a grandma! Congratulations to Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Jimmy, Papa Casey, and Mama Joni. Baby Shelby Leone Adelman is beautiful!

As any parent knows, welcoming a child into the home is one of the most incredible experiences in a lifetime. The birth of a child is a life-changing event: overwhelming, awe-inspiring, humbling. We wish the very best to Joni, Casey, and Shelby as they start their life together as a family.

Shelby’s arrival reminds us of the Two For One Kids Special at 4UR. It runs June 9-16 and August 11-18, 2012. We’re full during the August special, but we still have openings in June.

With the Two For One Kids Special, one child (aged 5 – 10) stays for free when another child stays for the regular price. If you have only one child (aged 5 – 10), she or he will stay for half price.


Your children will challenge themselves and thrive at 4UR.


Have a Colorado Family Vacation this summer. Bring your children to 4UR, and spend your time horseback riding, hiking, and swimming. It’s an all-inclusive vacation: parents enjoy gourmet cuisine while children feast on tasty favorites. Parents can spend a few hours each day on their own, while children explore the world of 4UR in the Kids Program. Its the best of everything, for everyone.

4UR – Simple Luxury

August 29th, 2011 by Gail

We spend a lot of time sharing information about the outdoor activities here at our Creede, Colorado Family Guest Ranch. We don’t tend to focus on our comfortable lodging. It’s time we did.

The view from the chairs is even better.

There’s nothing fancy about 4UR Guest Ranch, and we like it that way. Nonetheless, your comfort is paramount, and we strive to create an environment that has all you need and expect in a luxury ranch vacation. We don’t want you to have to think about your lodging or food – we just want you to have the best.

This may be the best cup of coffee you'll ever have.

Accommodations are spacious, warm, and inviting, with ample porches. Guests craving privacy will find it. Guests craving interaction with new and old friends will find that too. The Main Lodge of our Creede Colorado Guest Ranch is a popular meeting place morning, noon, and night. A roaring fire keeps the main lodge warm on chilly mornings and evenings. The bar is the perfect place to unwind after a day in the saddle or fishing, and guests of all ages enjoy the game room.


You’ll be comfortable whether you stay for three nights or two weeks, and we hope you’ll want to return.

The Fabulous 4UR Staff

May 11th, 2011 by Gail

May is always an exciting time for those of us who live and work at 4UR year round. New and returning staff arrive throughout the month, to help open our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch for the season. The first guests are scheduled to arrive on June 5, 2011. We can’t wait!

Our Fishing Guides are getting ready to help you have the experience of a lifetime.

This year, we have quite a few returning seasonal staff. If you vacationed at our family dude ranch last year, we’re sure you’ll be happy to see the following folks:

Kali Alger comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is the oldest of five. She is an Early Childhood Education Major and is pleased that she’ll be working as a Kids’ Counselor last year (although she did enjoy being Waitstaff last year).

Lindsay Gilbert grew up in Rhode Island and recently completed an internship at Roger Williams Park Zoo. She had a great time working as a Housekeeper here last year, and looks forward to spending this summer on horseback as a Wrangler.

Spencer Johnson graduates from college this year, which means he’ll have more time to train horses. He was a Wrangler at 4UR last year, and returns as Wrangler in 2011.

Jesse Robbins spent his childhood angling in rural Maine. He has fished his way around the globe, and looks forward to another season as Fishing Guide at our Colorado Fly Fishing Ranch.

Les Vance was raised in North Carolina, but he’s fallen in love with the mountains of the west. He was a Fishing Guide in 2007 & 2009, and he returns as a Fishing Guide in 2011.

Hannah Whitney came to us last year from Charleston, SC. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her work as a Housekeeper, and is thrilled to be back at 4UR as a Nanny to Cole, Kylee, Luke and Laci Christensen.

Garrett Cobarr learned the art of pastry making at the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley, and has honed his skills in restaurants as diverse as five star resorts and small town steak houses. He is very pleased to be back at 4UR for another year as Pastry Chef.
We wouldn’t be able to function without our full-timers: office manager Kathy Adelman, ranch managers Aaron and Robin Christensen, Head Wrangler Damon Gibbons, our Properties Foreman Kyle Michaels, and of course, Executive Chef Wray Warner. We also depend heavily on our semi-full-timers: Kathy’s husband Jimmy Adelman leads Lost Lakes trips each summer; Kate Michaels was a housekeeper for several seasons and now Supervises Housekeeping; and Frances Kolisch creates fabulous flower arrangements for us each summer.
Next week we’ll introduce the new staff of our Creede Colorado Family Dude Ranch.

Fine Dining at our Family Dude Ranch

May 3rd, 2011 by Gail

Food is an important part of every vacation. Both adults and children thrive when fed healthy, wholesome food. Both flounder when food choices are grim. With this in mind, we put a lot of care into the food we serve at our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch.

Always save room for dessert at 4UR.

Our Executive Chef Wray Warner trained at Cordon Bleu, one of the premier culinary schools in the world. He honed his skills in some of the finest resorts in the country, such as the Lake Placid Lodge in New York and the Four Seasons in Jackson, Wyoming. Then we found him.

Here at 4UR Family Dude Ranch, Wray’s creativity and talent soar. He is as comfortable preparing rack of lamb and seared Ahi tuna in the dining room as he is serving up steak in a gorgeous mountain meadow. You’ll find Wray preparing our weekly chuckwagon breakfast on the hillside overlooking the main lodge, and cooking trout fillets by the the stream. You’ll see him by the pool, fajitas in hand. You’ll be as amazed by his refreshing homemade ice creams and sorbets as you are by his delicate roasted beet salad and hearty butternut squash soup. After years of watching him at work, we’re convinced there is nothing Wray can’t do with food; most of what he does makes us swoon with delight.

We value children at 4UR. We love the energy they bring to all events, including meals. We also understand that for many children, there is enough adventure in horseback riding for the first time, or catching their first fish in Goose Creek. Our Colorado Family Dude Ranch therefore has a respectable children’s menu. Let them indulge in Chicken Fingers after making new friends at the pool, and let them feast on pizza after their first time riding horses in the ring. It’s vacation for them, too, after all.

Colorado Guest Ranch Celebrates Good Food

July 6th, 2010 by 4ur admin

There are dude ranches, and then there are luxury dude ranches. That’s 4UR. We are way beyond your basic BBQ & beds setup. Here are some of the small details and big amenities that make 4UR ranch more than your average guest ranch.

Dining: We recruited our chef, Wray Warner, from the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole. Some of his specialties include unique home-made ice creams, and ambitious pasta, beef and fish dinner entrees. One of my favorites is a mushroom pasta that has been prepared to allow the delicate flavors of the fungi to come out.

It’s not just about dinner, breakfast and lunch are stunning as well. I love to start breakfast with the home-made granola and yogurt, along with hot, strong coffee. We also serve unique cook-to-order breakfast dishes. Breakfast is a very personalized meal, and we want you to feel right at home.

Even lunch is a special affair, esp. on Wednesdays when we hold our Mexican luncheon poolside. We have fajitas, chips, guacamole, cold Coronas and margaritas. Box lunches are also available to take out for your fly fishing trip.

Bathing: We have great “watering holes” – literally! Our pool is large and refreshing; there is plenty of deck space for lounging or playing games with family. We have tables if you want to sit in the shade umbrellas and have a cold drink or a snack. The pool is the place to be, if you ask me!
The hot springs are what Wagon Wheel Gap was originally famous for. In the early 1900s, General William Palmer founded the Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Resort. The Hot Springs were thought to have medicinal qualities; we still have the historic bath house on property. You can still enjoy the Hot Springs, they are just adjacent to the pool and may still have the power to cure what ails you.
The sauna is here for you to enjoy as well – it is also in the pool area, and next to it is our massage parlor. This is relaxation central, and something that makes 4UR quite luxurious.

colorado fly fishing

Catch a beauty in our "Private Tailwaters"

Fly Fishing Vacation: Our fly fishing is renowned as spectacular. We divide our pristine Goose Creek into 15 “stations”, each a 1/3 mile, which are assigned by lottery in the evening. This system keeps everything fair, and assures each fisher-person prime waters at a prime time nearly every day.

Along with Goose Creek, there are four stations on the Rio Grande and one in the Weminuche Wilderness. You may also take a guided fishing trip above timberline to Lost Lakes for rare Rio Grande cutts, or fish Station 21, a trophy pond in the ranch valley. All waters are catch and release fly fishing only, except for Walton Pond, which is a great place to start practicing with your little angler.

Goose Creek’s drainage is quite unique. Flowing from the Weminuche Wilderness, it passes through only two private properties before reaching the Rio Grande; the 4UR Ranch and our neighbors upstream. Our neighbor’s reservoir feeds the creek from its cool waters via an 80-foot dam, making this creek one of only a handful of private tailwaters in America. Andy Lee and Aaron Christenson have spent their years with us managing the stream rigorously. This, along with our catch and release practices make for some surprisingly big, well-colored trout. Look forward to seeing rainbows, browns, snake river cutts, cutt-bow hybrids and even brookies.

As you can see, 4UR Ranch is more than boots and dusty arenas – come here for something completely unique.

Adult Only Dude Ranch Weeks

January 27th, 2010 by 4ur admin

What can you look forward to when you plan a dude ranch vacation during one of 4UR’s adult only weeks? Well, if it were my vacation, this is what the day would go like:

Sleep in. No kids jumping on the bed, leisurely drinking coffee and wandering up to breakfast. Most difficult decision of the day so far: eggs or granola and yogurt?
Finish breakfast almost in time for lunch. Head to the pool for a swim and some sunning. Read a book, drink a Corona, and catch a nap even.

Catch a big one during Adult only weeks at 4UR

Get ready for steak ride. One of my favorite rides at 4UR guest ranch, this would be even more of a hoot as an adults-only affair, I can imagine! A nice ride up the valley to a perfect spot for a cook-out dinner with cold beers, tasty wine and fine cocktails. I remember this night as being a very special one during a horseback riding vacation for families – songs around the campfire after dinner, all that jazz. But I can imagine how it would turn into a party during adults only weekend!

4UR ranch is always a peaceful place, but it takes on a whole new level of serene when it’s just us grownups. If you happen to have a grandparent or friend available for babysitting the weeks of Aug. 21 or Aug. 28, come out and relax with us in style.

Kids Stay Free Dude Ranch Vacations

January 7th, 2010 by 4ur admin

Do you have a blossoming equestrian at home? Bring your kids for free this summer!I was in love with horses as a young girl (a continuing love affair!), and not much would have made me happier than hearing my parents say, “We’re all going to a guest ranch this summer for a week!” Let us help you make dreams come true and create great memories during 4UR Ranch’s Kids Stay Free weeks. This is new special from us. During the weeks of June 5-12 and Aug. 14-21 bring your kids to 4UR for all the fun at no additional cost to you.

A stay at 4UR is more than a horseback riding vacation, we have an outstanding kids program where your tots will be hiking, playing and swimming. We even have a big sleepover night in the lodge! At the end of the week, the kids have a rodeo to show off all their new cowboy and cowgirl skills. It’s a great time for all.

Parents will also have plenty to entertain them during the vacation in the Rocky Mountains. We have delicious meals and fine dining every day, a tasteful selection of wines and spirits, and of course the hot springs are here. Ride, shoot trap and most important relax. Enjoy time with the ones you love the most, and do it at a great lowered price.

Make sure to call us for all the details on our kids stay free weeks at 719-658-2202.