Food is an important part of every vacation. Both adults and children thrive when fed healthy, wholesome food. Both flounder when food choices are grim. With this in mind, we put a lot of care into the food we serve at our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch.

Always save room for dessert at 4UR.

Our Executive Chef Wray Warner trained at Cordon Bleu, one of the premier culinary schools in the world. He honed his skills in some of the finest resorts in the country, such as the Lake Placid Lodge in New York and the Four Seasons in Jackson, Wyoming. Then we found him.

Here at 4UR Family Dude Ranch, Wray’s creativity and talent soar. He is as comfortable preparing rack of lamb and seared Ahi tuna in the dining room as he is serving up steak in a gorgeous mountain meadow. You’ll find Wray preparing our weekly chuckwagon breakfast on the hillside overlooking the main lodge, and cooking trout fillets by the the stream. You’ll see him by the pool, fajitas in hand. You’ll be as amazed by his refreshing homemade ice creams and sorbets as you are by his delicate roasted beet salad and hearty butternut squash soup. After years of watching him at work, we’re convinced there is nothing Wray can’t do with food; most of what he does makes us swoon with delight.

We value children at 4UR. We love the energy they bring to all events, including meals. We also understand that for many children, there is enough adventure in horseback riding for the first time, or catching their first fish in Goose Creek. Our Colorado Family Dude Ranch therefore has a respectable children’s menu. Let them indulge in Chicken Fingers after making new friends at the pool, and let them feast on pizza after their first time riding horses in the ring. It’s vacation for them, too, after all.