What can you look forward to when you plan a dude ranch vacation during one of 4UR’s adult only weeks? Well, if it were my vacation, this is what the day would go like:

Sleep in. No kids jumping on the bed, leisurely drinking coffee and wandering up to breakfast. Most difficult decision of the day so far: eggs or granola and yogurt?
Finish breakfast almost in time for lunch. Head to the pool for a swim and some sunning. Read a book, drink a Corona, and catch a nap even.

Catch a big one during Adult only weeks at 4UR

Get ready for steak ride. One of my favorite rides at 4UR guest ranch, this would be even more of a hoot as an adults-only affair, I can imagine! A nice ride up the valley to a perfect spot for a cook-out dinner with cold beers, tasty wine and fine cocktails. I remember this night as being a very special one during a horseback riding vacation for families – songs around the campfire after dinner, all that jazz. But I can imagine how it would turn into a party during adults only weekend!

4UR ranch is always a peaceful place, but it takes on a whole new level of serene when it’s just us grownups. If you happen to have a grandparent or friend available for babysitting the weeks of Aug. 21 or Aug. 28, come out and relax with us in style.