Do you have a blossoming equestrian at home? Bring your kids for free this summer!I was in love with horses as a young girl (a continuing love affair!), and not much would have made me happier than hearing my parents say, “We’re all going to a guest ranch this summer for a week!” Let us help you make dreams come true and create great memories during 4UR Ranch’s Kids Stay Free weeks. This is new special from us. During the weeks of June 5-12 and Aug. 14-21 bring your kids to 4UR for all the fun at no additional cost to you.

A stay at 4UR is more than a horseback riding vacation, we have an outstanding kids program where your tots will be hiking, playing and swimming. We even have a big sleepover night in the lodge! At the end of the week, the kids have a rodeo to show off all their new cowboy and cowgirl skills. It’s a great time for all.

Parents will also have plenty to entertain them during the vacation in the Rocky Mountains. We have delicious meals and fine dining every day, a tasteful selection of wines and spirits, and of course the hot springs are here. Ride, shoot trap and most important relax. Enjoy time with the ones you love the most, and do it at a great lowered price.

Make sure to call us for all the details on our kids stay free weeks at 719-658-2202.