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A Snowy Holiday Weekend at the 4UR Ranch!

December 17th, 2015 by 4ur ranch

Smiling Brady Gibbons takes young son on Colorado snowmobile adventure!

Brady Gibbons takes son on snowmobile adventure in Colorado

Thanksgiving brought us about 10 inches of fresh powder, and it just keeps coming! It has been a gorgeous holiday season and we’ve taken full advantage of it. Brady and Damon rigged up the snowmobile with 3 sledding tubes and pulled the 4 Gibbons’ kids around the hills, much to their delight. (The children enjoyed it too!)

Gibbons kids LOVE the snow!

The cross-country skiing has been sensational. Wildflower Mesa and Breakfast Ride have about 2 feet of snow along the trees and a gorgeous view out to Ute Peak. The trails we usually use for horseback riding and hiking are covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow. What a blast it is to cruise through the trees on a pair of skis.

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4UR: Colorado’s Luxury Dude Ranch

April 8th, 2013 by Katie Pate

Earlier this year, we posed the question, What makes 4UR a luxury dude ranch? Our initial answers included the fine cuisine and natural hot springs on the property.

In this post, we continue to identify what makes 4UR Ranch not only one of the best dude ranches in Colorado, but one of the best nationwide.

Fly Fishing in Private Tailwaters

The 4UR Ranch has several fishing locales: trophy ponds, wilderness lakes and the Rio Grande River. However, the crown jewel of our fishing water is Goose Creek, which is one of only a few entirely private tailwater trout streams in the American West. Dedicated stream management and our strict catch and release practices make 4UR fly fishing truly special. 20+ inch trout are caught almost every week.

Spacious and Inviting Lodging

We have a variety of lodge and cabin style accommodations on our guest ranch.

Enjoy a rustic cabin with all the luxuries to make your stay sublime.

Enjoy a rustic cabin with all the luxuries to make your stay sublime.

We deliver hot coffee each morning, and at night when the air is cool, you will feel cozy and comfortable in quality bedding. The showers have lots of hot water, delivered with plenty of pressure. Spacious porches invite you to sit back, relax and take in the views.

Spectacular Children’s Programs

This is not your typical summer camp regime. While we do offer arts and crafts (hey, we all enjoy some pipe cleaner sculptures and lanyard key chains) we have a lot more than just a bit of horsemanship and flag football. Here are some of the specialty kids activities that keep our young guests saying: “The day we arrive at 4UR Ranch is the best day of the year!”

  • Tree houses
  • Fort building
  • Fly fishing school
  • Campfire and hayride cookout
  • Hike to dinosaur mountain
  •  Scavenger hunt
  • Kids Rodeo
  • Robin Hood adventures
  • River raft making
  • Pool parties
  • Kids overnight sleepover
  • River raft race

Make sure to book your trip to 4UR Ranch for summer 2013 or 2014 soon!





Children on the Mind at 4UR

February 22nd, 2012 by Gail

Children are on the mind these days at 4UR Colorado Guest Ranch.

Colorado Guest Ranch Kids Program

Beautiful baby Shelby and happy Grandma Kathy!

Kathy Adelman, office manager extraordinaire and all around “Ranch Mom”, is now a grandma! Congratulations to Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Jimmy, Papa Casey, and Mama Joni. Baby Shelby Leone Adelman is beautiful!

As any parent knows, welcoming a child into the home is one of the most incredible experiences in a lifetime. The birth of a child is a life-changing event: overwhelming, awe-inspiring, humbling. We wish the very best to Joni, Casey, and Shelby as they start their life together as a family.

Shelby’s arrival reminds us of the Two For One Kids Special at 4UR. It runs June 9-16 and August 11-18, 2012. We’re full during the August special, but we still have openings in June.

With the Two For One Kids Special, one child (aged 5 – 10) stays for free when another child stays for the regular price. If you have only one child (aged 5 – 10), she or he will stay for half price.


Your children will challenge themselves and thrive at 4UR.


Have a Colorado Family Vacation this summer. Bring your children to 4UR, and spend your time horseback riding, hiking, and swimming. It’s an all-inclusive vacation: parents enjoy gourmet cuisine while children feast on tasty favorites. Parents can spend a few hours each day on their own, while children explore the world of 4UR in the Kids Program. Its the best of everything, for everyone.

New Place to Stay Cool

February 17th, 2012 by Gail

It was going to be a secret, but you know how hard it is to keep a secret for months on end.

So, here it is: we’re updating the pool complex at our Colorado Guest Ranch. Yippee!

It was time. This is very exciting for us, as we’re sure it will be to anyone planning a Colorado Family Vacation at 4UR next summer (and summers to come).

New spa at 4UR Colorado Family Guest Ranch.


Updated hot springs at our Creede, Co Dude Ranch.

New pool house and spa at Colorado Family Guest Ranch.

Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs

April 15th, 2011 by 4ur admin

The first European settlers from the south and the east began ranching and farming this part of the Southern Colorado Rockies in the mid 1800s. Before the town of Creede was established, a hotel opened at Wagon Wheel Gap. Travelers flocked here to get a taste for the great American West. They came to experience the wilderness, to fish in clear water, and to soak in the hot springs.

The original Wagon Wheel Gap historic bath house is on our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch. It was built by General William Palmer in the early 1900s, so his guests could soak their weary or achy bodies. The hot springs at Wagon Wheel Gap have long been believed to have curative powers. Try them for yourself and see.

These days, the spring fed hot tub is adjacent to the pool; soak while you watch your children romp and splash in the pool. Soak after exploring mountain paths on horseback or fly fishing on Goose Creek. Soak in the Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs when you feel sore and soak when you feel great – it’s part of the experience here at our Creede Colorado Dude Ranch.

Adults Only Weeks in the Colorado Rockies

March 28th, 2011 by 4ur admin

Each summer, we offer two weeks for adults only at our Colorado Dude Ranch. This is not because we don’t like children; we love children, and the 4UR family includes many children, from newborns to teens. We offer two “Adults Only” weeks because we understand that sometimes adults need a little time to themselves.

The “Adults Only” weeks at our Colorado Guest Ranch are open to all adults, whether you are parents of young children or grown children, or not a parent at all. This is a time for you to go for long trail rides in the Rocky Mountains. It is a time for you to linger by the pool with a Corona in your hand. It’s a time for long soaks in our natural hot springs, and late nights gazing at stars.

Adults Only Weeks: August 17-24 & August 24-31, 2013

Please contact our Colorado Guest Ranch for more information.

Winter Update From Our Colorado Guest Ranch

March 4th, 2011 by 4ur admin

February felt like winter here at our Colorado Family Dude Ranch. The temperature dropped considerably and the snow pack increased. When that happens in this state, people head outside with their skis. In fact, several members of our staff did just that, driving to nearby Wolf Creek Ski Area (less than an hour’s drive south of Creede) for several weekends of skiing; Wolf Creek usually has the deepest snow in the state, and we’re lucky it’s so close to home.

Care to warm up in the hot springs?

Closer to home, Robin and the kids enjoyed seeing 3 big bull elk while driving into town for school one morning. They were right off the highway, and you could see their breath and the steam rising from the backs. Amazing. We’re also having fun watching a family of bald eagles that’s settled at our Colorado Vacation Ranch this winter; they roost in the cottonwoods on the compound and in the trees along the creek. It looks like fishing conditions are good, for they seem healthy and well-fed. We’ll take it as a good omen for the summer fish runs.

Hiring for the summer is in full swing. We’re pleased that many of our staff are returning, and we’ve been interviewing quite a few people to fill our openings. We anticipate a good team come opening weekend at 4UR.

Under Creede

December 10th, 2010 by 4ur admin

A handful of settlers began farming at Wagon Wheel Gap in the early 1840s, and within a few decades, Wagon Wheel Gap was a popular destination for fishermen. Other tourists soon followed, seeking the curative waters of the local hot springs; the original bathhouse from that time is still at our Colorado dude ranch.

Things changed dramatically in 1890, when a high-grain vein of silver was found on Willow Creek. The population swelled quickly to 10,000 (more than ten times what the population of Mineral County is today) as tent camps and towns grew with miners, saloons, hotels, etc. It seemed that fortunes were made overnight, and as long as the mines produced silver and people paid for it, there was prosperity in Creede.

Delve under the rocks of the Southern Rockies.

The last mine in Creede closed in 1985, but the legacy of the Creede silver mines is visible throughout Creede and Mineral County. Consider delving into this interesting subject the next you travel to our Southern Rockies Vacation Dude Ranch. The Underground Mining Museum in Creede was never a functioning mine, but it was carved out of the rock by a few Creede miners. The museum and community center are completely underground, and offer visitors a rare glimpse into the life of a miner.

Southern Colorado Fishing Vacation

November 29th, 2010 by 4ur admin

Even before there was a Vacation Dude Ranch here in Creede, Colorado, travelers came. They came to soak in the warm, therapeutic hot springs in Wagon Wheel Gap. They came to experience the majesty of nature. In the 1880’s, the appeal of Wagon Wheel Gap lay in the cool summers, warm waters, and stunning landscape. The same is true today.

It does something to the soul to spend time in the Southern Rockies. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve been here, you know what we mean.

This photograph was taken by Liesje, one of our guests.

What makes us a Colorado Luxury Dude Ranch?

March 4th, 2010 by 4ur admin

There are dude ranches, and then there are luxury dude ranches. That’s 4UR. We are way beyond your basic BBQ & beds setup. Here are some of the small details and big amenities that make 4UR ranch more than your average guest ranch.

Dining: We recruited our chef, Wray Warner, from the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole. Some of his specialties include unique home-made ice creams, and ambitious pasta, beef and fish dinner entrees. One of my favorites is a mushroom pasta that has been prepared to allow the delicate flavors of the fungi to come out.

It’s not just about dinner, breakfast and lunch are stunning as well. I love to start breakfast with the home-made granola and yogurt, along with hot, strong coffee. We also serve unique cook-to-order breakfast dishes. Breakfast is a very personalized meal, and we want you to feel right at home.

Even lunch is a special affair, esp. on Wednesdays when we hold our Mexican luncheon poolside. We have fajitas, chips, guacamole, cold Coronas and margaritas. Box lunches are also available to take out for your fly fishing trip.

Bathing: We have great “watering holes” – literally! Our pool is large and refreshing; there is plenty of deck space for lounging or playing games with family. We have tables if you want to sit in the shade umbrellas and have a cold drink or a snack. The pool is the place to be, if you ask me!
The hot springs are what Wagon Wheel Gap was originally famous for. In the early 1900s, General William Palmer founded the Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Resort. The Hot Springs were thought to have medicinal qualities; we still have the historic bath house on property. You can still enjoy the Hot Springs, they are just adjacent to the pool and may still have the power to cure what ails you.
The sauna is here for you to enjoy as well – it is also in the pool area, and next to it is our massage parlor. This is relaxation central, and something that makes 4UR quite luxurious.

colorado fly fishing

Catch a beauty in our "Private Tailwaters"

Fly Fishing Vacation: Our fly fishing is renowned as spectacular. We divide our pristine Goose Creek into 15 “stations”, each a 1/3 mile, which are assigned by lottery in the evening. This system keeps everything fair, and assures each fisher-person prime waters at a prime time nearly every day.

Along with Goose Creek, there are four stations on the Rio Grande and one in the Weminuche Wilderness. You may also take a guided fishing trip above timberline to Lost Lakes for rare Rio Grande cutts, or fish Station 21, a trophy pond in the ranch valley. All waters are catch and release fly fishing only, except for Walton Pond, which is a great place to start practicing with your little angler.

Goose Creek’s drainage is quite unique. Flowing from the Weminuche Wilderness, it passes through only two private properties before reaching the Rio Grande; the 4UR Ranch and our neighbors upstream. Our neighbor’s reservoir feeds the creek from its cool waters via an 80-foot dam, making this creek one of only a handful of private tailwaters in America. Andy Lee and Aaron Christenson have spent their years with us managing the stream rigorously. This, along with our catch and release practices make for some surprisingly big, well-colored trout. Look forward to seeing rainbows, browns, snake river cutts, cutt-bow hybrids and even brookies.

As you can see, 4UR Ranch is more than boots and dusty arenas – come here for something completely unique.