Things at the 4UR are rolling right along through this lovely summer. With July slipping away, we had a great Independence Day here at the Dude ranch; the chef prepared a Southern BBQ with all the trimmings! It was really a feast, and with all the riding and fishing that goes on around here, a good hearty lunch is appreciated by all!

Most of the guests went into Creede for a fireworks show, the town nearest our horseback riding vacation ranch. If you haven’t ever been into the little oasis of Creede, that town is bound to surprise you! It is full of great little artist and artisan shops that reflect the creative and unique community where our ranch is set.

Watching the lights and fireworks playing off the cliffs in North Creede was really a sight to behold!

A Late Summer has left 4UR Ranch green and lush

A Late Summer has left 4UR Ranch green and lush

We, as always, have lots of repeat guests come for their Rocky Mountain vacation at 4UR. Joan Shelton was with us this month. She has been coming to our ranch at Wagon Wheel Gap since she was nine; and now she brings her grandchildren! She is such an extraordinary person, and we were thrilled to see her again! This year we also have new and diverse guests from California, Oregon, Kentucky & Florida. It is great to see the 4UR family grow, and to be able to share this special valley with more folks.

We have had a friendly visitor to our dumpster lately; a bear continues to come scrounging around for scraps, and it is now even showing up in the daylight sometimes! The bear is definitely a fascination to the kids, but our great kids counselors keep them at a safe distance.

It has really started to get hot here in Creede CO. For a few weeks there, we were wondering if Mother Nature had decided to skip summer completely and just go straight from Spring to Fall. The pool is becoming a very popular spot! We have a Mexican food lunch out there on Wednesdays, and it is becoming quite the Fiesta!