Our wonderful Damon Gibbons is usually donning some pretty neat jewelry. I know what you’re thinking, “Cowboys wear jewelry?”. Welcome to the 21st century people. Yes, cowboys wear jewelry and Dude Ranches serve 3 gourmet meals a day. At least that’s how things go around here! Part of the motivation for his adornments is that his lovely wife Kiera is the owner of the Creede Beadery. She has some very elegant designs; families have a great time in the summer taking a break from riding and swimming to create some lovely bracelets, necklaces and even earrings to commemorate their rocky mountain vacation.

Some history about the shop

One of Keira's creations, the Rosaline

One of Kiera’s designs, the Rosaline

Creede Beadery was originally Lovering’s Bead Loft, which opened above J. Thompson’s Gallery in 2001. It was owned by Jan & John Thompson, and has a great following of bead lovers who come every summer to create great new designs. Jan and John felt the bead business was growing too big for their loft, and Jan wanted to focus more on her passion for pastel drawing, using the loft to teach classes and expand into her own personal studio. On April 23, 2008, the Thompsons sold their beads to Damon & Kiera Gibbons, who in turn have moved the Location up the street to Pappy’s Place; a great historic building offering a wonderful studio space for patrons to use, and continue to create their fine pieces.

She also sells pre-made pieces, and you can even reserve the beadery for a party! Can you imagine how fun that would be? I know it can be hard to pull yourself away from the ranch, but historic Creede is worth a visit, as is the fabulous beadery here in town.