4UR little cowboys

If your child love horses, sign them up for our fun 4UR Junior Wranglers Program. They’ll learn a ton and have a great time!

All summer long, 4UR Ranch has a great special for families who want the kids to have an unforgettable Colorado Dude Ranch vacation. For two children, pay the rate for one! Prices are all-inclusive: fine food and lodging as well as all the fun activities of our 4UR Kids Program.

We’ve just completed this summer’s first week of this Two-For-One Kids Special at 4UR with families from Tucson, Austin, Dallas, Chicago and the United Kingdom. With about 15 children in the program, the ranch has been hopping! Our experienced Kids Counselors, Christa Millard and Zachary Hall, have been having a great time leading the kids on nature walks where they can learn about the local plants, animals and the breathtaking mountains and rivers of our Rocky Mountain dude ranch. Both counselors keep all the kids engaged with different games and activities that inspire learning and fun. Christa has also been helping the kids get creative with arts and craft projects.

All the children have been getting a good healthy dose of the great outdoors with rides in the arena and on the trails, plus fly-fishing, river rafting and general running around and exploring. The Junior Wrangler program is going strong too. Kids who love horses also love this program. They learn a lot about horses including the colors, breeds, catching, saddling and more. Plus, the kids have a huge sense of accomplishment when everyone graduates at the end of the week (don’t worry, everyone graduates).

4ur gal being led by a little goat

The Two-For-One Special for Kids is offered all summer at 4UR all-inclusive Colorado dude ranch

If this sounds like the kind of memorable and enriching experience you’d want for your children, contact us today. Learn more about our 4UR Two-For-One Kids Special and an unforgettable vacation at our Creede, CO dude ranch. You can also watch this video to see more of what our 4UR Kids Program has to offer. Click here to see a full schedule of all the great activities kids enjoy when they come to 4UR for a summer vacation at our all-inclusive Colorado guest ranch.